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Rachel Wedding Planner Business Card Design Example

Floral Business Card in Smooth Matte

One way of introducing yourself to potential clients is through business cards. They serve as an extension of yourself. With countless designs to choose from, you can create and customize your business card so it matches your personality and represents your business well. If you're going for a simple yet elegant look, this business card is a fine choice.
Printed on one side of the card is the card owner’s name and contact details. The name is in simple script, which makes it easy to read. Floral patterns are incorporated on the other side. It has a soft palette of pink, rose, blush, salmon, and flamingo. Orange leaves serve as an intricate overlay, which makes the pattern look bolder and more striking.
The business card diverges from the standard-sized ones with its square cut. Both sides of the card are printed in smooth matte finish.
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