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Rabbit Hole Knits Business Ca Business Card Design Example

Adorable Personalized Business Card Meant for Keeps


About the Client

Rabbit Hole Knits is a company that provides a wide selection of knitting patterns. Their site offers patterns of cute animals, such as rabbits, cats, birds, bears, and pigs. There are also patterns for toys, such as dolls and gingerbread men. Most of the available patterns are designed for knitting with double-pointed needles, but other methods can also be used.

A Fluffy and Adorable Rabbit Business Card

Here’s a business card that’s meant for keeps, especially if you’re an animal lover.
One side of the business card is a watercolor print of a brown rabbit, which reflects the company’s adorable and whimsical aesthetic. The other side features the company name, card owner, and website in simple sans serif.
Another fun element of this business card is its custom die cut. It isn’t just a square or a rectangle; it’s in the shape of a rabbit. This business card is surely for keeps.
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