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Qollage Singapore Business Card Design Example

Use Texture to Create a Visual Stunner

For a business card to stand out, it’s not enough that it looks great; it also has to make an impression once a customer holds it in their hand. This is why experimenting with textures can be a great choice when you’re trying to showcase your brand.
Take this sample for instance. Made of plush, velvety stock, the card looks and feels high-end. It is a sturdy card, with 25pt thickness fit for embossing, stamping, and other effects. Small circular shapes are debossed into the card, providing even more textural interest that ties in with the company logo and the circular theme shown on both sides of the business card.
The typography is printed in white, contrasting nicely against the royal blue background. All in all, this card is perfect for elegant and simple designs that can wow your potential clients.
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