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Printed to Impress: The Perks of Foil Business Cards

Quick. Open your wallet. How many plain, paper business cards have you jammed in the back? What about the others that met a more unpleasant end at the bottom of your wastebasket? The reality is that while they serve a basic purpose, these handy attention-grabbers should be anything but. When you want to step away from the pack and make sure your contact information stays within arm's reach, it's time to think outside of the 3.5 x 2-inch square you've grown accustomed to. Unique, creative cards are in and they're here to stay. One trend that's gaining momentum? Foil business cards! From regular foil to multicolor, raised and embossed varieties, there's a wide variety of different types to choose from, each helping you inch closer to that connection you want to make. Today, we're exploring why it pays to add foil elements to your business card and how it can take your design to the next level. Ready to learn more? Let's get started!

1. They're Eye-Catching

You don't want to embellish your professional business card with a bevy of glitter. You do, however, want it to stand out and get noticed. That's where foil business cards come in. A premium addition to any of your labels or marketing products, foil adds sheen and glimmer without going over. Let's review the two main processes used to get the look.

Hot Foil Stamping

With hot foil stamping, our designers will start with a die of your design, which they'll foil and mount above the substrate. Most dies feature a metallic surface, such as gold, brass, or silver, though some can be pearlescent or even holographic. How does the stamping process work? The die gets hot and presses against the substrate, with a heat-activated adhesive present between the two layers. With pressure from the die, the foil design affixes onto the surface of the substrate. The result of hot stamping is a raised look that defines luxury. That's why you'll find this feature in top-of-the-line printed and packaged goods. In the case of business cards, hot foil stamping provides a pigmented metallic finish that's impossible to ignore.

Cold Foil Stamping

Instead of heat, cold foil stamping relies on UV light. Designers will print a UV-curable adhesive onto the substrate, shaped in the foil design of your choice. As they press the foil onto the material, they strip away the excess parts that don't include the adhesive. To cure the final product, they'll run it under a UV light one more time. When you want to accent your business card with a more discreet foil design, cold foil stamping can give you the look you want. This method also works best for smooth surfaces, while textured ones take well to hot foil stamping. No matter which method you prefer, you can be sure that your business card will grab the attention of any recipient. This is reassuring news, given that 88% of cards end up getting thrown away after less than one week.

2. They're Tactile

Today, more designers than ever before are considering the tactile experience while designing products. Without getting too scientific, we have a network of nerve endings in our fingertips. These help us discern the world around us, connect with others, and deepen our mental connections. Yet, in a world overrun by screens and swipes, we've lost a bit of that magic. It doesn't have to be this way. Especially in the realm of print marketing, designers recognize the power of touch and how even the tiniest details can set a piece apart. This is the case with our raised foil cards, for instance. Think of this as foil you can feel. Designers apply this foil to suede or soft-touch paper via an inline process that doesn't require the use of heat. What results is a liquid metallic substance that forms into the shape of your design, drying and setting to create an interesting and unique look that recipients can't help but touch. You can apply this method to any element, including photographs, gradients, and shadows. Choose from between silver, holographic or gold foil business cards depending on the aesthetic you want to create.

Foil Embossed vs. Spot UV

Foil embossed business cards are another example of the power of texture. To get this look, designers use a metal die to create a raised, 3D look on the card. Raised (embossed) on one side and recessed on the other, these cards feel as interesting as they look. For a more durable look that keeps the backside of the card intact, you can also consider Spot UV stamping. This requires coating certain parts of your card with a gloss or matte coating, then curing it with a UV light to create a "raised" effect. You can spot UV your logo or another special part of your card to make it stand out!

3. They Add Instant Glam

In many cases, your business card is the first tangible impression that someone receives from your company. What does yours say about you? If it's bland, uninspired or otherwise boring, those sentiments can translate to your business model. That said, why not impress with luxury from Day 1? Take our plastic foil business cards, for instance. Immediately different, modern and creative, they're made cooler with the addition of cold foil stamping. Add elements of gold or silver to yours for an unexpected touch of class. From spas and resorts to banks and C-suite office teams, if your business runs on premium services, this is an easy way to reveal your commitment to quality.

4. They're More Durable

Let's face it. Paper tears. It's also easy to crumble up and toss into the wastebasket. The good news? There are more durable and longer-lasting business card materials on the market, and you can use foil to make any of them stand out. For example, take a second look at our suede card, which you can stamp with your foil design of choice. We start with 16-pt stock. Then, we apply 1.5-mil, scratch-resistant velvet laminate to both sides for an overall thickness of 19-pt. What results is a water-resistant card that's both strong and soft to the touch. You can add a foil design to this kind of card, or you can affix it onto a plastic card, thick and uncoated natural paper, glossy/matte paper, silk paper stock or cotton paper, with thickness levels reaching up to 48-pt. If most of the cards in your wallet are around the 30-pt level, imagine how sturdy these are. When you can't tear it, fold it or look away from it, you're forced to take notice of it, and that's the kind of action we love to drive.

5. The ROI is Impressive

Yes, foil stamped business cards may cost you more at the outset. Yet, consider the alternative. Your marketing campaign is an investment. In fact, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) recommends that all small businesses making less than $5 million per year set aside between 7% and 8% of their gross revenue to cover advertising and outreach. Yet, even if you go the cheap and quick route, you'll still get a finished product to hand out at trade shows and other networking events. The only problem? If your business card looks like everyone else's, it's only a matter of time before it becomes either lost in the sea of desktop paperwork or taken out with the nightly trash. When that happens, you immediately lose money, no matter how little you spent. Want to improve your odds of sticking around? Use your imagination and don't be afraid to add a little pizazz. The same research that showed almost 90% of business cards end up in the trash? It also revealed that people keep cards with color details 10 times longer than standard white cards! This is where it pays to invest in a card that's unlike its peers. If color graphics can get your cards 10 times the normal lifespan, imagine the longevity that foil elements can add!

Explore Foil Business Cards and Get Noticed

You don't provide the same product or the same level of service as everyone else. So, why should your business card go along with the status quo? When you're ready to take a leap in a new, exciting direction, foil business cards can take you there. Attention-grabbing, interesting and irresistible to touch, it's unlikely they'll take up residence anywhere but a place of honor. Want to see how your card design would look with elements of sophisticated shimmer? That's where we come in. We provide innovative and imaginative business card solutions in specialty shapes, paper types, and finishes. Fill out a little information about your project and receive a custom quote! We'd love to help you design a project that's as original as you.
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