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Plastinum Consulting Business Card Design Example

Business Card Reflects Elegance and Efficiency


About the Client

Marilyn Schroeter is the CEO of Platinum Coast Construction, Inc. She works to build “platinum”-level dream homes and offices that are as lovely as they are functional and ultimately enhance the lives of her clients.
Through her work in the construction industry, Schroeter aims to inspire future builders and designers to pursue their passion for excellent architecture.

Making the Logo Work for Your Brand

This is an example of a minimalist business card suited for companies and organizations that just want to be recognized by their brand or logo alone.
Printed in white on one side of the card is an enlarged version of the company logo. The reverse side shows the logo as well, this time in a much smaller scale, and the name of the company. Set against a dusty rose-colored background, all elements are printed in white, providing a subtle contrast that suggests elegance.
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