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Pivot Marketing Pr Business Card Design Example

Simple but Pivotal Business Card that Gets the Message Across


About the Client

Pivot is a company that works with business leaders who aim to create better brands, products, and businesses, in a big way.
Pivot helps rebrand other companies by creating modern logos. They provide affordable work that is done in a timely manner, and they produce spot-on designs for brands. Their portfolio includes medical companies, a portrait studio, universities, and more.
The company is also responsible for the logo, branding, and UI design of various apps. Known for being thorough and efficient, the people behind Pivot can help conceptualize a company’s story in a clear and concise manner.

Professional, Fun, and High-Quality

Pivot’s business cards are designed to be professional and pleasant but fun. As Pivot is a marketing, design, and branding dream team, they need a business card that is simple and professional but still stands out.
Here, for one of the sides, they opted for a no-fuss black background. The dark color matches the font color, and is in contrast with the purple and white elements of the logo. Flip the card, and you’ll see the employee and contact details printed in white. The subtly embossed company logo adds a tactile element to the card.
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