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Palladium Builders Business Card Design Example

A Sleek and Innovative Business Card


About the Client

Palladium Builders is a company that offers building services from general contracting to design, build, and site selection. Palladium Builders specializes in architecturally designed homes and renovations. The company routinely works on virtually all project sizes.
Palladium Builders is in Northwest Carolina. The company offers architects and homeowners with a trusted and reputable partner in the homebuilding industry. Palladium is a well-respected company because it incorporates values and dedication into their projects.
The company specializes in unique and highly detailed custom homes of all sizes and styles. They build all kinds of living spaces, from refined community estates to rustic homes, whether traditional or contemporary.

A Custom Card that Reflects the Company’s Vision

The Palladium Builders business card shows the unique logo of the company. But this time, parts of the logo were cut out, creating a sleek, innovative, but still professional-looking design. The white color creates a clean contrast to the thin and understated black font. One side of the card is dedicated to presenting the eye-catching cut-out logo and brand name. On the reverse side, you’ll see other relevant details about the company that you won’t miss thanks to the well-thought-out presentation, font, and spacing.
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