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orsini design Business Card Design Example

Business Card Combines Dark Palette with Intricate Floral Elements


About the Client

Orsini Design LLC is a design firm based in Miami, Florida. Established in 2013, the company has experience in architecture, interior design, and construction management. Their focus is on providing practical and customized services to deliver the most sophisticated results to high-end and discerning clientele in the area. Joshua Orsini is the founder of the company, and with degrees in urban design and sustainable design, he is well versed in the industry and in managing both small- and large-scale projects.

Combining Dark Hues with a Floral Pattern for a Rich Design

This business card features a standard-sized stock in matte black. The dark background offsets the logo and contact information printed in light yellow. Intricate floral patterns bloom on the right side of the card. Printed in chocolate brown, it is subtle enough not to be too distracting. It adds just the right amount of detail to an otherwise too somber card. The typography is minimalist and simple, allowing for an easy read in one glance.
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