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odd moxie Business Card Design Example

Metallic Finish Gives This Card a Glam Look


About the Client

Odd Moxie is a marketing firm specializing in branding materials. Their main clients include businesses and startups. Based in Virginia, the company was launched back in 2009 by couple Gretchen and Ryan Bedell. Both having backgrounds in photography and the arts, they collaborate on projects related to video production, design, and photography. Odd Moxie is a one-stop resource for all marketing needs, from building an identity to creating design elements for an entire branding system to video production.

Metallic Finish Adds a Glam Look

This business card uses simple and sturdy, thick stock. It’s the perfect white canvas for the logo, which is a combination of bold sans serif typography and sassy script separating the two words “Odd” and “Moxie.” Juxtaposing the two different fonts works well in adding interest to the overall aesthetic. A warm, metallic foil finish completes the awesome logo. The thick card also provides another design detail, with a bright orange color lining the edges of the paper.
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