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nutrition styles Business Card Design Example

Minimalist Card with a Punch of Color in the Logo


About the Client

Nutrition Styles (now Wellness Styled) is a brand specializing in creating tailor-fit diet, fitness, and wellness lifestyles for clients. Owner Dana Kofsky prides herself on being a bicoastal lifestyle, nutrition, and corporate wellness expert.
A Wellness Stylist, she understands that one lifestyle does not necessarily fit all contexts. Hence, her one-on-one consultations and planning will be unique according to what each client’s specific needs and goals are. Wellness Styled encourages even the busiest and most on-the-go clients to incorporate wellness strategies in their day-to-day routine. From home life, to travel and dining, the company provides tools to help clients sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Minimalist Card Looks Fresh and Clean

This business card is quite plain and minimalist in design, featuring solid white stock peppered with accents of sea-foam green and black ink on the typography. Both the logo and the contact information are written on the same side, making it easy to see everything in one look.
You may think this card’s a bit boring, but the aesthetic actually suits the company’s branding well. After all, the service is all about clean living and making sustainable choices in diet and fitness. This business card embodies the fresh and non-toxic lifestyle they are promoting.
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