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nicholas luciani photographer Business Card Design Example

Quirky Logo Showcased on a Business Card


About the Client

Nicholas Luciani is a photographer and big bike enthusiast based in Ontario, Canada. He recently featured his work in a show organized by Fast Times Magazine and Harley Canada, the Work In Progress Exhibition. The event showed off custom bikes from Canadian and US builders and showcased different art and photography pieces. Luciani displayed one of his bikes at the event.

Quirky Logo Adds Individuality

This business card features an interesting logo custom-designed for the card owner. The logo is composed of two figures: one black boxy object and another linear figure shaped like a boxy letter P. It can be a deconstructed version of a daguerreotype camera, a film container, or something else entirely! Needless to say, it represents the person’s quirky and unique approach.
Under the curious logo is the card owner’s name and profession, printed using contrasting fonts. The name is in solid, all-caps lettering, in the same color as the boxy “P” figure, while the word “Photographer” uses a more delicate, italicized serif. On the other side of the card is the contact information printed in simple sans serif font.
The choice of white stock keeps the attention focused on the logo and the card owner’s name. Overall, the card is neat, but not without a touch of fun.
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