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new york sailor Business Card Design Example

Themed Business Card with a Tasteful Interpretation

Establishing a theme for your business card can make a potential client understand right away what it is your company or field is about. This is one good example. The nautical theme is used all throughout the card.
The most noticeable element is the New York Sailor logo, which occupies pretty much the entire card on one side. The vertical positioning suits the anchor design, as it wouldn’t have looked proportional if it were printed horizontally. This card has just the right thickness, with a 14-pt width for a not-too-flimsy feel.
But what makes this business card stand out is the play on texture and colors. Imagine if the design had just used plain white stock and blue accents; it would have made the concept predictable and even kitschy. Instead, the suede material comes out beautifully with its deep burgundy hue. It looks modern despite its nautical theme. The black foil stamping finish used on the logo also adds to the premium quality of the card.
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