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moss creative agency Business Card Design Example

Warm Metallic and Wood Detailing for a Deluxe, Professional Feel


About the Client

Moss Creative is a firm based on Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Specializing in high-concept branding and identity campaigns, the agency works with businesses and products worldwide. They are mainly focused on branding and conceptualization, design, public relations, and web design for brands that want to establish a strong brand presence. The agency has over 25 years of experience in the field, managing projects across different industries, including entertainment, luxury, hospitality, food, retail, and music.

Warm Metallic Details and Wood Pattern Equals Class

This business card combines precise detailing with quality materials to make a stunning piece. The stock features a dark wood pattern, which reminds you of an executive’s teak desk. It’s rich and elegant. Add to that the metallic print used for the logo, and you get a luxurious aesthetic that stands out. But it doesn’t veer into gaudy territory. Every detail is just right and looks classy.
The other side of the card is divided into two columns. The logo appears again on the left, but smaller this time and against a black background. The cardholder’s contact information is printed on the right, set against the same wood background from the back. The sans serif font keeps the design from looking too busy.
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