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matrix construction products Business Card Design Example

Intricate Futuristic Design Boosts Brand Identity


About the Client

Matrix Construction Products is a company specializing in technical services and equipment related to drilling. Based in Colorado, the firm is focused on providing quality slurry products developed by expert technical support. Their goal is to improve drilling and excavation systems for the civil works and construction industry, improving efficiency and safety for workmen.

Futuristic business card is consistent with brand voice

Technology and innovation make up the core philosophy of Matrix Construction Products, so their business card needed to reflect their forward-looking attitude. This is achieved through a futuristic design.
Gray, black, white, and orange are used for the background, in keeping with the brand logo’s palette.
Meanwhile, the gray, rugged detailing on the left side of the card highlights the company’s business, drilling and construction products.
The letter x from “Matrix” figures prominently, placed on the top and bottom of the business card.
The vertical layout makes use of the space well, as the logo and contact details are made to fit nicely without looking too cramped.
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