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marsa recruiters Business Card Design Example

Go Sleek with a Transparent Plastic Business Card


About the Client

MARSA Recruitment Professionals is one of the fastest growing agencies in the Gulf and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions. Established in Jordan back in 2013, it has since expanded to Dubai, UAE.
MARSA offers recruitment services across industries, including banking and finance, construction, telecommunications, hospitality, and education management. Their team provides outstanding services for top hiring firms, sourcing qualified candidates and working closely on both supply and demand aspects of the hiring process.

Transparent business card is sleek and unique

To make a big impression, your business card has to stand out. This business card does exactly that by using plastic as its main material instead of paper. Not only does plastic give a beautiful translucent effect, it’s much more durable because it will not tear easily.
This card takes on a corporate style, with a palette of black, green, and white used for the background. As it is a transparent card, all the details—the company name, logo, and contact information—are made to fit on one side of the card. Simple typography completes the modern look.
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