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Look At That Logo!: The Top Logo Design Trends of 2019

Are you looking to take your logo to the next level? If so, read on to learn about the top logo design trends of 2019.
Your logo makes a huge impression on your market. It communicates what you sell, the way you sell it, who you want to reach, and even your company's mission and values. We know you want to create a logo that piques the interest of everyone who sees it. You also want your logo to be in step with the top logo design trends. The only problem? You're not exactly sure what the popular graphic design and logo trends are. Don't panic -- we've got you covered. Whether you're completely rebranding or starting your business from scratch, read on to discover the hottest logo trends of 2019.

1. The Rise of Metallics

metallic logos Everyone always wants shiny and new things. So, in addition to launching some fabulous new products or offering irresistible services? Why not add a little bling to your logo design? Metallics -- gold, copper, silver, and the real star of the show, rose gold, are the perfect way to communicate a sense of luxury and exclusivity. They're ideal for event planning companies, clothing brands, housewares, and even high-end real estate companies. Even if not all of your clients were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, your logo will certainly help them to feel as though they were. To take things to the next level, when you print your logo on promotional materials, make it raised or get it embossed so clients can feel the texture of the metallics.

2. Geometric Shapes

geometric logos Looking for a logo design option that's on the more abstract side of things? While we love a strong illustration, sometimes, coming up with great logo design is all about returning to those "building blocks" you played with as a child. You can use circles, squares, and rectangles to imitate well-recognized images and design elements. It's an excellent design move for new age companies, especially those that wish to target the millennial market. Don't shy away from numerous color combinations here. Adopt a "the more, the merrier" approach to set yourself apart.

3. A Retro Look

retro logo The hairstyles of the 1980s may be long gone (and thank goodness for that) but a few things about this wild decade certainly live on! One of the biggest logo design trends of 2019 is the neon look, bold fonts, and look-at-me graphics associated with all things '80s. Think squiggly lines and dots, pastel pinks in addition to highlighter yellow neons, animal prints, and central images with a pop art vibe. Check out this post to get a little more inspiration.

4. Overlapping

A big trend that some of the best logos of 2019 have in common? Overlapping. This is an awesome way to play around with spacing, and avoid white negative space in the process. Through the combination of overlapped shapes and colors, you can create a beautiful design. It's also a wonderful way to add a bit of dimension to your design. To avoid ending up with an epic fail, make sure that you rely on different colors to separate the shapes and images that you choose to overlap. You can certainly overlap with shades in the same color family, but make sure there's enough of a difference to avoid any confusion. This way, everyone will be able to easily spot the different sections of your design. The last thing you want is for it to end up looking like an enormous blob!

5. Details Are in Again

For the past few years in logo design trends, much of the focus has been on minimalism. And while we think minimalism still has its merits, if you prefer a more detailed, over-the-top, and maximalist design, now is your time to shine. The straight lines, classic typography, and black-and-white logos that used to dominate logos across a wide variety of industries are giving way to ultra-detailed designs. So, how can you make a detailed logo that doesn't look cluttered when resized? By properly making use of whitespace, and sticking to just two colors in your overall design.

6. Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Looking for a way to get an incredibly unique logo design for your new company? Want a logo that allows the central image to play the starring role? Perhaps you even want someone to create a portrait of you or the person who inspired you to start your business in your logo design. No matter the case, hand-drawn illustrations are an incredibly popular trend for 2019. You can choose a cartoon-like look, a pencil drawing, or even more abstract hand-drawn illustrations. Customers will love that your logo does something different -- and they'll take it to mean that your company is outside-the-box, too.

7. Bubble Lettering

Another trend that's sure to take 2019 by storm (at least, in the world of logo design): Bubble lettering. Yes, the font that you loved to use to write signs for high school football games or even advertise your lemonade stand is back in a big way. It's a great way to create a three-dimensional look, and it communicates a sense of fun. It's especially a good fit for companies and services geared towards children, festivals, or party supply stores. Don't be afraid to embrace lots of color in your logo design if you use bubble lettering. That's just another part of the whimsy.

8. Designs Hidden in Negative Space

Everyone loves the excitement of finding hidden messages and meanings in some of the most famous corporate logos. Think the "A-Z" swoosh in the Amazon logo, the arrow in the FedEx logo, or even the "31" hidden in the Baskin Robins logo to emphasize the 31 flavors of ice cream that they offer. Companies are quickly realizing that these hidden messages are a great way to drum up interest in their brands. Using tricks with negative space, they hide or outright include relevant images, signs, numbers, and letters within the designs of their logos. What kind of an Easter egg will you create for your customers to hunt for? This is also an awesome way to connect with users on social media. Challenge them to find the hidden meaning behind your logo, and you're sure to become a trending topic in no time.

9. A Return to the Original

Modern logo design is all about taking a look at the past. Especially if you're a company with a long history, we're willing to bet that you've had a few different logo designs across the years. Companies now are emphasizing their history by returning to their original designs, often adding the date that the business began underneath it. If your brand had an original storefront, a logo that references is another way to harken back to the earlier days. Even if you don't have an older logo, adopting a vintage look -- think 19th and early 20th Century and even Victorian graphic design styles -- will do the trick. You can even rely on shadowing techniques to make your logo design look much older than it actually is. Proving your company has a strong, lasting history is an excellent way to establish a sense of trust and reliability surrounding your brand.

10. Bespoke Typography

You can blame it on Instagram, the fact that everyone wants to feel special, or the rise in art student unemployment. No matter what caused it, the reality is that one of the biggest logo design trends of 2019 is a demand for customized, bespoke typography. Translation? A font for your logo that's all your own. Work with a typography professional or even hire a local artist to create a font that's unique to your brand. To build your brand recognition as a whole, use this font on your website and other promotional materials.

Which of These Logo Design Trends Will You Try?

Whether you're ready to embrace a totally '80s aesthetic, give metallics a try, or play around with geometric shapes and custom typography, 2019 certainly has no shortage of options when it comes to logo design trends. While you shouldn't follow trends blindly, we hope that this list has helped you to get a better understanding of which options are the right fit for your brand. Once you've decided on the perfect logo, you need to make sure you show it off in the best possible light. That's where we come in. We can help you with business cards, posters, banners, stickers, and so much more. Still having trouble envisioning your perfect logo? Our graphics and logo design services will help you to create the ideal design to represent your brand. Reach out to us to get started, and watch your brand become the next big thing.
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