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Logo Design: The Truth Revealed

An international team of academics did a research recently on logos. They have discovered that evocative logos can increase the willingness of many customers to purchase, thus increasing return on investment compared to non-evocative logos. The result of the research was posted in the Journal of Marketing Research and outlined in the Harvard Business Review. The outcomes of the study are based on a sequence of experimental analyses. Experts analyzed the impact of the design of the log on business equity for hundreds of companies worldwide. What is the Difference? Evocative or descriptive sigs have visuals and texts which communicate the service or product which the company provides to its clients. Burger King is a good example. On the other hand, non-descriptive signs like McDonald’s most prominent competitor of BK don’t show their offer in the logo form. Analysis Insight shows that usually, it is simpler for clients to process evocative logos visually. In all the different brands, this kind of logo has lots of benefits such as:
  • Make the company look real and genuine in the eyes of the clients
  • More favorably affect a client’s assessment for businesses
  • Increase the willingness of the clients to purchase from the company
  • Increase return on investment
The researchers examined 423 brands to explore the impact of this logo financially. With the use of financial information like ad, net sales, as well as R and D spend and even total assets, they asked assistants- who are not aware of the exact reason of the research- to code whether these brands logos fitted in thirteen diverse design features which include symmetry, shape, color and above all they were evocative or not. Degeneration analysis permitted the experts to discover the impact of evocative logos on the sale with the financial details a log design features as control variables. The outcome was, the evocative logo has a remarkable effect on sales compared to non-evocative logos. When the researched tested their discoveries on the logos of hundreds of newly made brands, they found out that it is true. They represented their product descriptions and logo to thousands of people and discovered that logos which are descriptive were more often related to a higher eagerness to purchase. Each Brand Has Different Requirement There are considerable disparities between companies. Researchers have found out that even if having an evocative log doesn’t mean it will have a good effect on the equity of the brand for both unfamiliar and familiar brands. The extent of this good effect was smaller for well-known brands. Consistency and familiarity stay fundamentally vital and significant. The other important ruling is that logos, which are descriptive can have bad effects on companies which are dealing with unpleasant or sad topics like funeral homes, palm oil as well as insect repellents. If you own a business and thinking of making or altering your logo, experts recommend that you need to integrate at least one visual or textual design factor, which is analytic of the kind of service or product you are offering. Further, it’s worth knowing the usage of getting out of the specificity provided by descriptive logos. The online HTML, CSS and JS cleaner will take care of your dirty web code. They are all free online programs.
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