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Liz Jacob by Elizabeth Jacob: A Good Alternative to the Conventional Children Apparel

Today, there are lots of brands of apparel for children. Home-based products are giving international a run for their money; however, parents, eager to give the best for their little ones, are asking for more. Aside from styles, colors as well as fits, parents are now searching for more sustainable components as well as understated stylishness. This is where Liz Jacob comes in. Owned by Elizabeth Jacob, Liz Jacob is an array of handmade items that are elegant, artistic, as well as sustainable ideal for kids up to six years old. This brand was developed in Bengaluru in the year 2014. The apparels are made of the softest cotton along with artistic methods like screen printing, block-printing, appliqué, embroidery and hand painting to come up an array of items which are fresh, fun as well as very creative. Starting with a few clients, now Liz Jacob is very popular in Australia and Dubai. How Did She start? This brand has an interesting journey. Elizabeth is an artist ever since she was a kid, and missed the chance to design clothing, glam up interiors and make colorful scrapbooks. According to her, she, imbibed her philosophy and concepts from her parents while growing up. Elizabeth learned slight nuances of modest stylishness. This can be seen in the whole thing her family did – like the decoration of their home, the clothes they wore, and family events as well. Why Apparel for Kids? Her career in business didn’t give her time to consider art until the year 2104, wherein she took a leave due to her pregnancy. That time, Elizabeth struggled to look for eclectic and classy apparel for her kid. There are a lot of stores which provided exceptional designs. She believed that designs of apparel for kids were overdone. The shades were loud and accentuated with lots of sequins. The materials were synthetic, which is not comfortable for active kids. Those parents with evolved style sensibilities purchase abroad for an aesthetic garment. She saw this as a chance to make a home-based product which made of natural materials, simple design as well as perfect finishes. This is where Liz Jacob brand was born. Elizabeth started to do pilots with a number of hand-painted apparel and sell them on Facebook. She also posted her creations on mom-centric forums. The clothes caught the attention of a lot of people. Elizabeth clothing sells like a hotcake, from 2 pieces a week goes up to ten pieces weekly. Her constant communication with shoppers gave her the confidence to create more designs. According to Elizabeth, she used to paint the designs alone for her clients when she began the company. This line wasn’t scalable and lucrative. Painting on fabric is time-consuming and tedious, and she couldn’t command that high a premium on a garment for kids to justify the hard work as well as the time taken.
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