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Learn Photography without Going to School

You don’t need to go back to school to learn photography but that doesn’t mean you have to be an amateur photographer all your life. You need to know the purpose of your photography and figure out why you want the skills.

Once you do this, follow these simple tips and tricks.

Get to know your camera better

Yes, we know where your mind is heading. There’s no way I’m reading the camera manual! But if you want to master your chosen model, some things you must. This does not mean you have to mug up all 300 pages of the manual but:

  • Understand what is in your kit
  • Be aware of its features, for what and how they are used

No one knows the camera better than the people who made it.

Click, click and then click some more

With practice comes experience. Taking photos is what is going to unlock your style and skill.

  • Take your camera everywhere. Shoot everything.
  • The piling photos in your memory card tell you about the areas that need improvement

Through trial and error you can look back and see how far you’ve made it.

Check out online tutorials

Online tutorials are better if you find reading to be a laborious task. The countless videos and blogs:

  • Give insightful information from users who have actually used your model
  • Come with great tips, reviews, and warnings that can prove to be pretty useful

Grow your network

The best way to learn photography is to expand your network. Simply ogling at the works of famous photographers isn’t enough. You need to hit the streets and do the dirty work yourself.

The best way to do this? Expand your network.

  • Contacts and referrals help you obtain valuable skills
  • Networking helps you get to know people
  • Let people know you as a person, not just your brand
  • Good relations are imperative for businesses to succeed

Find a good mentor

Want to break into photography without any skill or experience? An apprenticeship or finding a good mentor is the way to go about it. Manu successful self-taught professionals can vouch for this fact.

  • Do your research about who you are going to be working with well
  • Connect with professionals have an encouraging style and are generous with their knowledge

Join a photography forum

Where do photographers go to talk about their love for the craft and boast about their accomplishments? Photography forums.

  • You get honest feedback on your work
  • You can get sure-shot answers about any camera questions you have
  • You can learn unique styles of photography

Remember, these forums are not the gospel truth. Do your research and decide for yourself.

Other than this,

  • Head to a workshop
  • Enroll in a photography competition. If nothing else, you get honest critiques about your work
  • Follow renowned photographers on social media
  • Show your photos to colleagues and friends for honest feedback

Still think you need to go to a special school to learn photography? Maybe not!

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