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lavada new york Business Card Design Example

Incorporate an Architectural Detail on Your Business Card


About the Client

Lavada is a construction company based in Brooklyn, New York. With over 11 years in the industry, the company is at the forefront of developing environmentally-aware structures in the area.
Taking their name from the Latin term for cleansing and purification, Lavada continues to innovate in their industry. Their greener systems produce not only cost-efficient projects but also more durable and eco-friendly solutions.
The firm has won a number of awards in recent years for exemplifying innovative practices.

Modern design incorporates architectural detail in the card

With a firm that pushes boundaries, their business card has to reflect the innovative thinking of the brand. This card features high-quality suede paper on one side, with a classy navy blue color. The company logo is made to be a cutout, giving the card an architectural look and feel.
The reverse side is pretty simple; the company name, logo, and card owner’s contact details are all printed over a simple white background.
With fine attention to detail and a modern aesthetic, this is definitely a card that’ll make a big impression to anyone who will receive it.
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