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laura kass jewelry Business Card Design Example

Business Card Features Dreamy Celestial Design


About the Client

Laura Kass is a jewelry designer based in Manhattan, New York City. She specializes in custom jewelry design, collaborating with clients for one-of-a-kind accessories.

Kass consults with clients on what style and colors they prefer, and from there on she creates pieces meticulously crafted out of fine fibers, precious stones, rare metals, and unique crystals. Her services also include transforming old jewelry into a new piece. For Kass, custom-made jewelry perfectly captures an individual’s essence and style.


Tasteful rendition of celestial design

For an artistic card owner like Kass, it’s important to make the design sparkle with creativity. For this, her thick business card features a celestial theme background on one side of the card.

Cool blue skies almost shimmer, as if it has stars. In the middle of this beautiful background is her name printed using custom fancy typography. The name, card edging, and logo are yellow in color, complementary to the blue background.

On the other side is the contact info, printed on a white background. The contrast between the rich celestial design and the reverse side with its plain white background balances the entire look of the card, preventing it from going overboard with its design.

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