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lash affair Business Card Design Example

Velvety Business Card for a Rich Luxurious Look


About the Client

Lash Affair is a company based in Arizona that specializes in offering eyelash extension supplies and professional training. Their signature lashes come in a variety of curls, thickness, length and styles that can satisfy any client. Aside from lash extensions, they also offer adhesive, primer, and remover. Lash Affair also provides trainings and courses for those who want to work as a lash professional.

Velvety look is ultra-glamorous

This business card is as glam as they come. Featuring a velvety textured paper with a deep magenta background color on one side, the card looks and feels luxurious. The swirling serif typeface for the logo adds fancy detailing to the card. And the printed logo’s gold color also goes nicely with the magenta background. On the other side of the card is a light pink background, balancing out the rich tones. The printed information neatly occupies the center for a clean look.
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