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kelli binnings designer photographer Business Card Design Example

Display Your Achievements in a Collage-Style Card


About the Client

Kelli Binnings is a Louisiana-based designer who specializes in creative direction and branding. As head of KB Digital Imaging & Design, Binnings has worked with lifestyle companies, PR agencies, and restaurants. Some of her clients include Aaron Williamson Fitness, Capital City Grill, and EcoLuxe, to name a few.
Her experience and design sensibility help brands resonate with their target audience. Binnings is now the director of marketing at Brechtel Hospitality, a restaurant management firm.

Display your achievements in a cool way with this collage-style card

Want your network to know what you've accomplished so far? Put them on your business card.
Featuring a collage of the client's past projects, this card is a unique way to make your name known. Receivers immediately see the caliber of the designer.
Set in the middle of the card is the brand logo, tying everything together. The use of premium quality paper allows each image to stay vibrant.
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