kamee style hair fashion beauty Business Card Design Example - Print Peppermint

kamee style hair fashion beauty Business Card Design Example

Fancy Detailing Will Make Your Card Shine


About the Client

Kamee Style is a beauty styling service based in Montgomery, Alabama. Founder Kamee Kwak is a hair and fashion stylist. She has years of experience creating custom head-to-toe looks for clients. From weddings to debutante balls and other special events, she offers styling services for every occasion.
Kamee also writes a blog, providing advice and tips for wardrobe, makeup, and hair styling. Her posts showcase her simple but classy style, flattering for women of all ages.

Fancy Detailing and Custom Font Add Loads of Personality

Kamee Style is certainly targeted for feminine clientele, so the business card has to embody that fancy and delicate style.
What stands out is the glossy blue and white logo on one side of the card. Placed right in the middle, it's sure to make a lasting impression on clients.
The feminine appeal is further seen in the choice of intricate fonts for both brand and contact information. Even with all the details, the design stays tasteful by keeping all print the same blue color against the plain background.
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