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kailey eden art director Business Card Design Example

Stand Out with a Textured Business Card


About the Client

Kailey Eden is a freelance art director and graphic designer based in New York.
Having worked in agencies like DVL Seigenthaler and Burns Group, she specializes in advertising campaigns, branding, and art photography. Her experience includes projects for brands like Clinique, ChapStick, Nashville International Airport, and more.
From print to social media and other marketing strategies, Eden has showcased a modern style. Her meticulous eye for detail and trends takes each project to new heights.

Play with texture for a touch of sophistication

Being in the creative field, her card should look professional and be memorable at the same time. Premium natural fiber paper makes the minimalist design stand out.
Paired with the black and gray palette, the embossed contact information adds a sophisticated touch.
The textured paper is a design feature on its own. Hence, it did not need any artwork or intricate detailing.
In all, this business card makes good use of tactile features to create a strong design.
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