jmd designs Business Card Design Example - Print Peppermint

jmd designs Business Card Design Example

Draw Attention with a Gold-Printed Business Card


About the Client

Jordis Mosley Designs is a graphic design firm based in Los Angeles.
Lead designer Jordis Mosley has worked in the fashion industry previously and transitioned into graphic design. With a penchant for combining natural elements with vibrant color schemes and intricate lettering on her branding projects, it’s pretty clear that Mosley needed an equally vibrant and exciting approach to her business card.

Gold Gives Just the Right Amount of Flash

This business card is certainly not one to be overlooked. Featuring gold lettering on both sides of the card, the designer’s information will actually glisten while being looked at! Talk about a statement!
To keep the rest of the piece from looking too flashy, the paper is in an elegant muted dove gray color.
What’s great about this design is the tasteful combination of custom typographies in a single card. This creates a sense of artistic flair that one would look for when meeting a designer.
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