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Jewelry Photography: 5 Essentials Tips for Capturing the Perfect Shot

Are you starting your own jewelry business and need some professional photos of your products? Taking photos of small items can be challenging, but with a few tricks of the photography trade, your products will look stunning! To make your jewelry attractive to potential buyers, you need to show it in its full sparkle and glory. If you sell online, customers can't hold, touch, or try on your products in person. This means your website visuals and product photos will do the selling for you. Read on to discover five jewelry photography tips to learn how to capture your products perfectly.

1. Use Natural Lighting

The best way to photograph jewelry is with natural lighting. If you don't have access to a well-lit window, create lighting using props. The goal is to create soft lighting that's equally distributed on the pieces. You can get a professional lightbox or portable studio or make one yourself. All you need is a few LED lights, a little aluminum foil, some cardboard, and a good camera.

2. Choose a Clean Background

When photographing jewelry, use a simple, clean background that'll shift the focus on the products. White backgrounds are the best for jewelry, but you can also use black to highlight the sparkle. It's important to be consistent with your backgrounds for cohesive product photos. Avoid busy, patterned, or sparkly backgrounds or anything that clashes with the jewelry.

3. Use a High-Quality Macro Lens

Macro lenses are a must-have for great product photography. You'll be shooting the jewelry from up close, so make sure the lens has a focal length of at least 60 mm. You can also experiment with shooting distance and get one macro lens with a shorter, and one with a longer focal length to see what works best.

4. Use Models and Props

One of the best ways to photograph jewelry is on a model or using props like necklace stands, hand displays for rings and bracelets, and mirror trays. This will show the pieces in their true size, and help customers see how they look on a real person. The more photo varieties you have, the better your chances to make a sale. It also shows customers you took the time and effort to showcase the products, which is especially handy if you're an online seller.

5. Take Many Different Photos

Customers are more likely to buy your products if they can see them from different angles. Bonus points if you have photos of the jewelry on a model or a video showing it from all sides. This helps customers get a better picture of the product color, size, quality and fit, resulting in more sales.

Take Stunning Product Photos with These Jewelry Photography Tips!

If you own an online jewelry business, quality photos of your products are an important selling point. Customers want to see the pieces on a model, and from different angles before they make a decision. These jewelry photography tips will help you create professional photos of your products and capture every sparkle. Your jewelry business deserves stunning professional business cards that reflect your vision and mission. Read here to learn the basics of choosing and printing business cards that'll set you up for success.
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