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jdk interiors Business Card Design Example

The Sleek Silver Plate

Jenny Dina Kirschner comes from a long line of illustrious designers and artists. It’s in her blood to produce architectural masterpieces.
Before establishing her own firm, JDK interiors, she acquired degrees in design, fine art, and art collection. She never looked back after moving to New York and launching her own firm.
From laying the blueprints for sprawling and state-of-the-art Manhattan apartments to designing unique spaces in the city of Brooklyn, she spearheaded a myriad of residential projects.
The industry knows her today as an innovative designer who methodically blends different aesthetics and styles, without compromising the exacting needs of her clients.
One thing I admire about Jenny is that she’s doesn’t settle for mediocrity. She always goes above and beyond to make her work stand out.
Her choice of materials and furnishing is a cut above the rest. Seeing her work her magic is an absolute pleasure.
For an artist whose name is already a respected brand, this sleek and elegant rectangular business card is just what the doctor ordered.
The font is professional, neat and legible. The red, conjoined initials of the firm “JK” complement the smooth silver background pretty well.
The contact details, at the bottom of the card, are perfectly spaced and align with the rectangular dimensions nicely.
I also love how the imposing lologo of the company occupies center-stage. Its grand size and central positioning exude brand confidence.
If you’re the owner of an established brand, I would definitely suggest you try out this business card design.
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