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jay kos fashion clothing retail Business Card Design Example

A Card with a Brand Voice

Jay Koss is not a brand for the shy and the faint-hearted. It’s for daredevils and people with a strong presence and a bold personality.
The story of J. Kos started when Mr. Jay decided to tread on the challenging terrain of Fashion. Fashion was a divine calling for him.
He completely changed the landscape of clothing by introducing flashy and colorful vests, polka dot ties, felt hats and other flamboyant menswear, which was completely at odds with the in vogue classical menswear of the time.
If you’re the kind of person who likes to sport the basic black, J. Kos is not where you want to be.
One aspect that sets J.Kos apart from other clothing businesses is that it never compromises on quality. Most of the items you’ll find in a J. Kos store are handmade, exquisitely tailored and made from a fabric of the highest quality.
For a brand that’s the talk of the town and has suitors, the likes of Johnny Depp and P Diddy, this simple yet subtle business card is a great choice.
The logo (Monkey in the bowler’s hat) is stuffed between the name of the company, both the components which give
J.Koss its identity, on display and taking much of the space on the rectangular card.
Brands like J. Koss need no introduction. If their business cards just reveal their name and logo, that’s enough for clients to rush to their stores. The designer, aware of this reality, has kept this standard rectangular card straightforward and aesthetically simple.
The light purple backdrop produces an amazing contrast with the dark maroon Monkey and the prominent, big sized lettering has just the right amount of spacing to fit in the dimensions of the card.
Everything on this card is as it’s supposed to be. Adding or subtracting certain details from it would destroy its balance. Achieving this kind of freakish evenness requires great skill.
A round of applause for the maker of this card is in order, I presume.
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