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jasper photography Business Card Design Example

 A Photographer’s Emissary

Jasper Jones photography captures the truth.
Jasper holds a strong conviction that life is as it should be ― without alteration or forgery.
In a world, where Journalists and photographers bend the truth to further their narrative, it’s refreshing to know that a truly sincere breed of artists like Jasper exists.
In an exclusive interview, he said that feelings play a pivotal role in his work. Before capturing the beauty of a location, he digs deep within his soul to truly understand what that place represents in its entirety.
It’s hard not to hold an artist like Jasper in high esteem. His work and words teem with profoundness.
One thing I really admire about Jasper is that when he visits a place he doesn’t consider himself a tourist. According to him, to really get a tight grip on the dynamics of the location, you have to become a part of it, like you’ve been living there for decades.
He loves being called the oddball of the world of photography, the artist who always wants to create something unique and completely different.
For someone who is so light years ahead of his age, in terms of artistic knowledge, and who’s a stickler for being different, this highly visual business card design is just perfect.
First of all, I love the choice of art on the front of the card. It’s a historical tribute to photography. Blending camera devices from different eras in a single image is a great choice for a front-cover image, especially for the card of a professional photographer.
The color combination for the visual image is also quite rare. This highlights the uniqueness of the artist in question, his desire to create rare masterpieces.
The blue, black and red of the image don’t at all look out-of-sync. On the contrary, they give a vintage feel.
Also, the light purple backdrop and the aptly spaced and professional font increase the ease of readability.
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