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jason delatorre designer arti Business Card Design Example

A Visual Business card design for Emerging artists

Jason Delatorre is a fledgling artist. He hasn’t yet received the recognition he deserves. His childhood was spent fighting the asphyxiating disease of asthma.
In his teenage, most of the symptoms and allergies associated with asthma vanished into thin air. He didn’t take his newfound health for granted and vowed to dedicate the rest of his life to the noble pursuit of creating art.
A man of protean talents ― painter, graphic designer, and musician― Jason’s love for art shows in his work.
Jason aims to exalt himself to the ranks of respected artists of the industry in the coming years.
This business card design is a great inspiration for someone who’s looking to cement his name in a new industry, someone like Jason.
The round edges ensure the longevity of the card. For someone who doesn’t have a fierce online presence, the age of the card holds utmost importance.
Sometimes, the only way a client can get in touch with an artist is by way of a business card. If it gets damaged or torn, the client loses his only thread of connection with the artist.
The light purple, Spot UV background gives a raised appearance to the artist’s name and other information in dark
purple. It makes it more prominent, gives it extra exposure.
Again, many people don’t really know a new artist. It’s only wise to display everything about him, in a large, bold font on the front of the card. And that’s precisely what the designer has done.
The spacing between the lettering is perfect and doesn’t give a cluttered feeling.
I also love how visual and aesthetically detailed this card is, and yet not too unappetizing and tasteless.
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