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I've been cheating on Apple... why my Intel NUC Mini PC Doesn't Suck

So... first week working with a PC, I must say... I don't hate it.

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This actually says "PCs don't suck" written in Webdings font :)

I guess once I figured out that laptops main power limitation was due to their reliance on battery power that led me down a path of finding a "portable desktop" solution that would fit in my bag with a thin portable monitor as well.

I looked at apple mac minis but the truth is they actually aren't all that small and for the money you don't get too much under the hood.

So I settled on an Intel NUC with 4 cores i9 and 32gb of ram with 1tb hard drive.

Although it takes a little getting used to, I don't hate Windows 10 and this thing is humming like a speed racer so we will see.

I am not sure I will turn it into a Hackintosh or not, although that was my original plan.

I've got an 8-core i9 coming from AliExpress in a couple days and I will report back on that one as well.

What I love about the Intel NUC PC and Windows 10

I must say... there are some refreshing things to love about returning to a PC... first of all, the god damn Apple Itunes app doesn't auto pop up and bother me 1000 times to login if I plug in my iPhone.

I can actually just jump straight in my storage directory and pull my photos and videos just like the phone was an external hard drive... that is really how it should be.

I don't like being forced to use itunes, I really hate that app.

And for most of the small things I miss from OSX like the simple, spacebar click to quick preview an image or file... there are free apps from the Microsoft store to fill in the gaps.

I still love my MacBook pro but right now I'm cheating pretty hard and I'm not feeling completely guilty about it.

The main thing going for the Macs is that the color accuracy on the retina display is hard to beat.

I am going to swap out my 1080p portable screen for a 4k one soon in hopes to fix that problem though.

I will report back in some weeks on how my "return to pc" journey is developing :)


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