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The Back of a Business Card - Creative Ideas of What to Put On it

Although you hear a lot about how to design the front of your business card, not much is said about its back. If you have been going about churning business cards keeping this same mindset, we have news for you.

First of all, never ignore the back of a business card. Certainly not when you can be using it tell the world, in a creative way:

  • What you do
  • Who you are 
  • What you represent 

Forget about merely copying and pasting a logo that is already visible on the front. If anything, it only conveys the fact that you lack inspiration. Not really the favorable kind of impression you want to give your audience. 

So what type of details and information should you put on to your new business card design? Here are a few ideas.

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Endorse your media

  • Individuals and potential clients prefer multimedia elements. It conveys more information entertainingly. 
  • Promote a video that lays emphasis on your brand, service, and product. 
  • Use a QR code or link to add the video. It enhances its chances of going viral.

It’s definitely a plus for individuals in a digitally animated sector. This includes videographers, animators and film directors. 

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Put in a map

If your business is difficult to find or small:

  • The back of a business card can be a great location for a map
  • It ups the chances of people coming to visit your business if they are in and around your area
  • It is also a great way to make the address of your company look interesting instead of simply writing it down
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A picture of you

  • Having a face to your business makes you seem more approachable. This gives you a greater edge over your competitors. 
  • For a sole proprietor or even if you play a huge role in your business, this can be extremely vital.
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Consider making it a coupon

A coupon acts as an ideal way to lure in more customers to your business. This is because it gives them something to look forward to. 

  • Offering people a free sample or a good discount gives them an added push to try out your items
  • A discount of a two-for-one offer, for instance, offers strong incentives for individuals to try out your brand 
  • This also helps you find repeat customers  
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Put your portfolio on display

  • The back of a business card can be a great chance to offer a sneak peek into your company’s portfolio
  • Pick one or two of your best projects and use that blank space as your mini portfolio 
  • It works perfectly well for illustrators, graphic designers, and photographers 

Pro tip: Make certain the images you pick are clear and easily visible. After all, the small space can definitely serve as a minor obstacle.  

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The company tagline 

  • Your business card is the perfect way to incorporate a broader branding strategy 
  • Put the tagline of your company prominently on display so that you attract the right kind of attention
  • This makes it easier for the individual to quickly and easily learn what a business is all about and what it has to offer

Put out reviews and testimonials

  • This is a great way to attract new clients 
  • Having a positive review or testimonial, specifically from a well-known individual, puts your business in a favorable light
  • Pick one of the best your business has received for your cards. This picks the interest of individuals in the right manner
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Insert your social media handles

  • Putting in your social media information at the front of your business card can make things look too cramped up
  • Keep the back of a business card to throw light on your social media handles 
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You can put in statistics

  • Inserting statistics that are relevant to the industry helps a great deal too
  • This gives the individual insight on how important your business is 
  • This inevitably enhances the chances of them becoming a visitor
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Make it into a stamp card

  • Provide a freebie or discount after every five or ten visits
  • This ensures your new customer holds onto your business card for a long time 
  • This also acts as an incentive to come back to avail your service again

Incorporate a magnet 

  • Include a magnet at the back of your card
  • In this way, whoever gets it can keep it on their refrigerator, office cabinet, computer or any other surface
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Throw in valuable information

  • Put in a QR code or link that offers insight into a special offer
  • This ensures the recipient reads and scans it 
  • This gives them clues on how to head to your website to download a specific piece of content
  • Put in text, giving them a hint of the advantages you are providing 
  • This persuades to check out your offer
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Referral incentives

  • One way to increase the longevity of your cards is to insert a referral offer on its back
  • This gives your customers reason to hold onto your cards 
  • It also actively promotes your company by word of mouth every now and then

Simple is best

Less is more. This is a fact that can be applied to your business cards as well. A simple design can really work wonders. Your design can be based on:’

  • Your logo or provides information on the services you offer

It all adds to the aesthetic appeal and attractiveness of your business card

  • Pick a colorful background rather than a plain color scheme 
  • Try out fanciful and quirky graphics that are specific to your industry 
  • Go in for a customized element with prominent symbolism to reinforce your brand image 

Don’t put in too many generic swirls or patterns as it takes away from the message you want to send across. 

So there you go. Now that you know what you can put on to the back of a business card, use it to your maximum advantage. 

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