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Will Smith - Independence Day Cartoon Illustration

Happy Will-pendence Day

Back in 2016, we ran a discount on Independence day. But unlike most other retailers, our marketing focused less on patriotism and more on Will Smith :) 2016 Ad Copy: How do you like to spend your 4th of July? Do you visit family and grill with your loved ones? Do you like to play games and party it up? Do you enjoy watching fireworks light up a clear nights sky? We love all those things :). Yet, theres one thing that I personally never forget to do and thats spend my Independence day with the fresh prince of Bel-Air,  Will Smith! In honor of our awesome country here is a Independence Day Discount! Receive $17.76 off your order when you use coupon code "WilldependenceDay". Offer ends 11:59 pm July 4th, 2016. Celebrate responsibly y'all ^_^! #willdependenceday
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