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hughes design Business Card Design Example

Spot UV’s Ultimate Shine Coupled with the power of a simplistic Backdrop

Hues design is a Graphic Design company that prides itself in making designs of the highest quality and professional standards at affordable rates.
According to the owners of this ambitious design company, a creative design doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank.
They want to change the popular misconception that professional designs are a costly commodity – reserved only for major corporations.
I admire the services of Hues design for their nobility. They don’t discriminate between clients. They hold small businesses and corporate bigwigs in the same high regard. You can’t say the same for other businesses of today.
I also know this from personal experience that Hues design doesn’t compromise on quality, not even in the slightest. Only state-of-the-art equipment and technologies are employed in its working grounds.
For a business that carries out its affairs with such dignity, and ensures that the quality of work is second-to-none, this rectangular business card is an excellent choice.
First of all, I love how plain and neat this card is. The unfettered silver background puts-forth a solid statement that this business is professional, doesn’t mess around and always hits the bulls-eye in terms of quality.
The logo of the company has a raised texture because of the Spot UV finish. Spot UV has a host of benefits.
Aside from giving the logo of the company extra exposure, Spot UV also gives it a glimmering shine, which is quite evident in this case.
One benefit that Spot UV also brings to the table is that it makes the logo smudge-resistant. This increases its durability.
The size of the font has been deliberately kept big so that the card doesn’t seem empty or hollow.
Also, the font is quite readable and doesn’t look as if it’s been carelessly spilled onto the card.
The designer wants to imprint a professional image of the business in question on the mind of the reader and has done so effortlessly with this design.
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