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How to Promote your Photography on Instagram like a Badass

“But first, let’s Instagram it!” If you had a penny for every time you heard this, you’d probably be making just as much as the trendiest Instagram influencer on the block. Love it or loathe it, you can’t ignore it, certainly not when it serves as an amazing platform to define your brand’s aesthetic.

Seriously, you can do so much with this visual social media app.

  • Connect with other photographers
  • Put your work on display for the world to see
  • Get published and receive feedback

If you are looking to promote your photography on Instagram for the same reasons, here is the badass way to do it!

Find your niche

It is important to define and develop your Instagram space around a particular theme.

  • Pick a subject type- whether architecture, sports, travel, food, people or fashion
  • You can even go for a photography style- whether film, black and white or minimalist

Your main aim should be having followers coming back for more. Want to know how to make this possible? See that the last nine pictures on your feed show the world who you are as a photographer.

Do get personal

Show the world a glimpse of the ‘behind the scenes’. A sneak peek or teaser into your shoots actually keeps things interesting.

  • Stick to the 80/20 rule: 80% should make up your photography photos and 20% should make up your BTS pictures
  • Take complete advantage of the Instagram stories feature. This initiates interaction with followers

Just #hashtag it

Increase engagement and attract relevant followers with hashtags.

  • Put specific, apt and popular hashtags to amp up the exposure
  • Hashtag the location, client, brand, subject, business or even the equipment you are using
  • Think about coming up with a hashtag that is unique to your photography

Pro tip: You can include only up to 30 hashtags in a post. See that they are relevant and specific to your photograph.

Strategic posting is key

Photography on Instagram is as much about how you post as it is about what you post.

  • Quality over quantity. Publish pictures regularly but not always.
  • Set up a posting pattern. Relevant, quality content garners a more positive response.
  • Understand time zones and where you live. This accordingly helps you find your target audience and enhance engagement.

Captions are everything

The only time users spend more time on a picture is if the caption is engaging enough.

  • Share an anecdote. Talk to viewers about the image.
  • Give them something to mentally engage with. This promotes a genuine interaction.

If you have an appealing caption, people are more likely to click the more” button and spend more time on your post.

Put your best work out there and try to use DSLRs or mirrorless cameras when clicking photographs.

Tag people, businesses or clients in your posts and reply to comments to expand your community. 

Create a hardworking Instagram profile and you are sure to make your photography on Instagram look complete badass!

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