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How to Photograph Fireworks: 5 Tips to Take Photos Like a Pro

The 4th of July was only a few weeks ago and if you were are a fireworks show, we're sure you were dying to take some photos of everything that was happening. But catching the perfect moment during a fireworks show can be tricky and it takes some practice to learn how to photograph then So read our tips, practice in any local firework show you can find and you'll be ready to take incredible photos on July 4h, 2020. You'll even want to get them printed as posters, magnets, stickers... everything!

5 Tips on How to Photograph Fireworks

The first thing you need to do is look at good photos of fireworks. Study the position of the photographer in relation to the fireworks, the framing of the fireworks, and other details that you consider important. Once you've done that, it's time to get your camera and follow these five tips.

1. Get to the Location Early

Try and get to the location of the show one or two hours before it starts. This way you can take some time to choose where you'll position yourself and how you're going to frame the fireworks. Plus, it gives you time to set up your equipment and be prepared to start shooting as soon as you see the first firework in the sky.

2. Use a Tripod

A tripod ensures stability and allows you to use low shutter speeds and long exposures, which is the perfect recipe for your photos to look as sharp as possible. One thing to keep in mind is that not every event allows tripods. In that case, you can either try to find a safe, even surface to put your camera on or use the image stabilization setting on your camera.

3. Check That You're Using the Appropriate Settings

A firework display is a very specific event to photograph: a large, fast-paced light show happening in a location with low light levels. So as you can imagine, the ideal settings are just as specific. The following are some of the recommended starter settings, but you can play around with them and get as creative as you want:
  • Flash: off.
  • ISO: between 100 and 300.
  • Focus: manual.
  • Aperture: between f/8 and f/11.
  • Noise reduction: off.

4. Use the Bulb Mode

We didn't mention the shutter speed settings on the previous tip because it deserves one of its own. If your camera has bulb mode, our suggestion is that you go for that one. This way, your shutter will remain open for however long you continue to press down the button and it becomes easier for you to catch the perfect moment even in the middle of all the movement.

5. Use a Cable Release

Do you know when you press the shutter button and accidentally cause the camera to move, messing up your photo? A cable release exists to prevent just that since you won't have to touch your camera in order to take your photographs. If your camera has wifi or Bluetooth, you can also use an app like Remote Release, that allows you to press the shutter button from your phone.

Enjoy the Show!

Taking photos of fireworks isn't always easy. In the middle of all the stress trying to get the perfect shot, you might end up missing the amazing show that's happening above you. So try and keep a balance between work and fun! And now it's time to check when the next show is around you, get all your equipment and go shoot some fireworks. With enough practice, one day you'll be the one teaching others how to photograph fireworks! If you have any questions about photography or design, feel free to hit us up.
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