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Stick it to the man with stickers!

Get your community involved with stickers!

Why just say your message when you can make it walk around on two legs instead? Introducing stickers — a marvelous invention we didn’t actually invent!
Stickers are great at inspiring people to interact with what you have to say. The right design can turn heads and even become contagious. Plus there is no better way to get people talking. Stickers give your most passionate supporters the opportunity to wear their enthusiasm on their sleeve. So why not let them? Order your stickers from Print Peppermint today!
Their versatility and viral potential make stickers the perfect guerrilla marketing and community outreach tool. You can also combine stickers with other products, like postcards, for special marketing promotions and just plain fun! At prices as low as $69, there is no reason to wait. We have five different sizes to choose from: standard, mini, circle, and two types of square.

High quality printing & papers help your design stand out!

All of our products are printed using 4 color process offset printing. At a resolution of five hundred lines per inch, this method helps us ensure the high quality printing and fine detail necessary to make great looking prints that last. Our 70lb UV Label Stock is highly durable with a sleek, glossy finish to help protect the final print from fading. This makes them great for public events because the final print stays looking sharp in any kind of weather.

Let us help perfect your design!

If you want your design to look as snazzy as possible but you don’t quite know where to start, take a minute to look at our graphic design packages. Nothing can bring authenticity and elegance to your design like the eye and experience of a professional designer. And our designers are experts in the products that we offer, which allows them to ensure that the end result will come out looking great.
Do you have any questions about this product? Contact today for more assistance with your order!
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