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How to Make Your Business Card Your Best Marketing Tool

Today, a business card is an integral part of dealings. During negotiations, trading partners always exchange them in case of the first meeting. It is even possible to claim that it is an attribute of career ethics. Thus, in a business environment, it is customary to hand out a card after your partner has handed it to you.

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Possession of the card plays a huge role in attracting potential partners. Therefore, if even the contract has not been sealed, leave your card. It will take its course.

What a card should look like

There are a number of requirements for the issuance of name cards, which you must stick to:

  • The back of it should be blank so that the necessary additional information can be written there
  • You should not print your home address and telephone number on the card, as it is exclusively the person of the company you represent. If you wish, you can indicate these details by writing it on the back of the card. Due to this, your partner’s loyalty will significantly increase
  • It must contain such elements that relate directly to your company
  • It is necessary to indicate the full name of the enterprise, the position of the employee, surname and name, company address, work phone, fax, e-mail, as well as official website
  • Make the card 90*50 cm size

Two main objectives of such a card are to motivate a client to use it and to serve as a versatile carrier of your contacts. Most negotiations begin with their exchange. That is, the first impression is extremely important.

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Design tips

Proper design of the card can put the necessary insights in the head of the person who studies it. In the first place, you should highlight the name in bold, and print it using an easy-to-read font.

If you want to place not only the text but also the image on the card, the text should be placed on the right and the picture on the left. In this way, one can immediately scan and remember it well.

The style of the card design should be chosen according to its purpose. If it is a straightly a card for work, it is better to dwell on the classic design, conservative elements and strict colors.

If you are a person of creative profession, then you can use bright colors, non-standard shapes and materials, original images. This one will be a continuation of your creative personality.

Besides, do not apply too small font when designing the card. Make it possible to read even for a visually impaired or impartial person.

An interesting way for design would be to create the card with a 3D effect. That is, you can create an embossed card or a more original card.

You should remember that the style of the card should be harmonious. To achieve this, do not use incompatible colors and fonts. Remember that you card should convey integrity.

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Difference between the promising name card and regular one

The point is that the promising card should not only give people details about you, but also encourage them to take certain actions. To do this, use both sides of the card to be able to indicate your special offer and how to gain benefits from them.

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Think carefully about the special offer you can provide, and you will understand how a small piece of paper can become your great assistant. Often, people store them, and one day they throw this unnecessary pile into the bin. To prevent this from happening with yours, try to make it creative and informative.

Consider electronic card as well

An electronic variant of the card on a CD is the latest invention. Despite its small size, such a card contains several tens of megabytes. The most popular CD cards obtained by cutting an 80mm CD on both sides to a width of 60 mm. Such a card contains up to 45 MB of data. All electronic cards are designed for use in the internal three-inch footprint of a standard CD-ROM drive.

The large capacity of an electronic calling card allows you to place a video clip, dynamic three-dimensional computer graphics, animation, sound, a large number of photos and drawings, thousands of pages of text, as well as an interactive shell for viewing a name card.

At the same time, the usual image can also be printed on the surface of a CD calling card. In this case, two options are possible. You can either apply directly the photo image in stationary conditions or cover the disk with a special sorbent coating, which looks like paper. It allows you to print the image on an inkjet printer. The printed image is coated with a protective varnish layer.

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Such cards are purely functional. They are used almost exclusively to represent enterprises. In other words, this is a special kind of corporate card.

Stand out using the material

There are many different paper options for creating calling cards. Each one is unique and can help tell your story. Therefore, you need to choose the one that best suits your business plan. If you are a representative of an organic food company, you should not order a plastic or glossy card. Use coated or structured paper. These techniques will help create a natural and harmonious feeling.

These simple ways to create the name card guarantee its effective and professional look. Use the right size for you and do not overdo the design. The simple calling card with minimal but informative enough is much more effective than one that is oversaturated with haphazard text.

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