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How can I design a logo for free?

How to Design A Logo for Free

How to design a logo for free

Design by: Keren Shavit

Designing a logo can take up to anywhere between 2 to 5+ hours of your time, and anywhere between $50 to $500 or more of your money. But luckily enough, the world of offline software and logo makers can save the day. It is more than possible to design an effective, successful and memorable business logo within minutes - or even less. It is free, too. There are basically three ways you can go about the process of designing a logo for free:
  1. Online Logo Makers

Online Logo makers - how to design a free logo

Design by: Juegamenia Diseño

Such as FLD Freelogodesign or Logaster Logo Generator. But if you do not find FLD fulfilling your design needs, check out these 15 best free online logo makers. They all are completely free, customizable and easy to navigate through.

Pros of using online logo makers:

  • You can choose from a range of online templates.
  • The option to save your design and work on it later is present.
  • You can easily download your design for free.
  • The software generates feedback, corrections and suggestions etc at different points during the design process.

Cons of using online logo makers:

  • Bad internet connection can mess up your entire project.
  • The templates can only be customized in a limited number of ways.
  • You have to work with what you have.
  1. Downloadable Offline Logo Design Software

offline logo design softwares - how to design a logo

Design by: TKoenigs design agency

Such as Jeta, because let's face it, working through online software and platforms is not for everyone. A lot of problems can arise in the middle, the common one being a bad internet connection. So check out these free offline software for designing a logo.

Pros of using offline logo design software:

  • You will not need to have a continuous internet connection for these, obviously.
  • They come with a lot, a lot, a lot of free design tools.

Cons of using offline logo design software:

  • The software itself can consume a lot of space in your PC system.
  • It might pop up free ads every now and then, ones you cannot get rid of since they come with the package.
  • The software may or not have the in-built mechanism whereby it generates feedback, corrections and suggestions etc at different points during the design process.
  1. Through Your System’s In-built Art Tools

system in built tools - how to design a free logo

Design by: Octavian Chelaru

Such as Paint 3D. It is considerably easier than above-mentioned tools. You can easily create your logo’s vector and then customize it.

Pros of using the system’s in-built art tools:

  • The set-up is very easy to navigate through.
  • You can save your designs as projects within the art tool itself and open it from there anytime and start working on it right away.
  • It is not time-consuming at all; all you have to do is design a vector and customize it as per your design.

Cons of using the system’s in-built art tools:

  • The design options at your disposal there will be very limited as compared to the above-mentioned tools.
  • Such tools do not come the ability to generate any feedback, corrections or suggestions etc for the user during the design process.

Whichever Method You Choose, Remember To:

Once you have evaluated all your needs, pick the method which suits you best. If your business needs to give off a classy, professional message through its logo, go for the online logo makers where you can find such templates. If you don’t have the time to work through online platforms, download one of the best, top-ranked and completely free logo design generators and start working on creating your logo at your own pace. And if you still find all these software too straining on your eyes due to, let's say, their not-so-straightforward navigation, you can always opt for Paint 3D and other such offline tools built into your PC system. As you design your logo using any one of these free logo design options, make sure your logo:
  1. Reflects Your Brand’s Persona Truly

What services are you offering and why? Is there even a need for those services? What is your brand’s message to your target audience? Your logo should be a true reflection of all such factors. RELATED: How to Brand Yourself Or Your Company
  1. Speaks to Your Audience

When they look at your logo on a product placed on a shelf somewhere in a store, will they feel affiliated with it? Will they suggest your brand to others just by looking at your logo?
  1. Will be Memorable

Will your customers remember you, your personality, your brand, your brand message and everything else associated with your brand just by a glimpse of your logo? Will they recognize your logo from a billboard painted with 100 other logos?
  1. Has the Right Style and Type

choose the right style - tips for designing a logo

Design by: TypeBoy AndreiGrigoriu

Yes, there is a difference between the two. And if you are designing a logo, you ought to be familiar with it. The style of your logo refers to its overall pattern and look. It includes classy, grunge, vintage, hand-made, modern, minimalist and other forms of style. On the other hand, text, image and/or a combination of the two, your company name’s initials etc…such things come under the types of logo. What niche does your brand fall in? Is the style and type you have chosen for your logo appropriate for that niche? If your brand is related to arts and crafts, will your audience be able to figure that out just by looking at your logo for the first time?
  1. Has The Perfect Colour Scheme

select perfect color scheme - how to make a free logo

Design by: Jahadul Islam

Do your logo’s colors match your brand personality and the colors already present in your brand’s name? Did you try out different color tones before settling on one? Are the colors you have chosen reflective of your brand’s message?
  1. Has A Unique Typography

Typography - how to design a logo

Design by: Zippy Pixels

If your logo contains text, such as the name of your brand’s name, does it go well with the color scheme and the style and type of your logo? Is it too much, or too less? Would your logo be more effective and memorable if its font was hand-made?
  1. Is Scalable

scalability - logo designing tips

Design by: TypeBoy AndreiGrigoriu

Have you designed a logo that can be scaled down to fit on the head of a pin? Can it be printed on merchandise such as cans, t-shirts and mugs etc and still be intelligible? Will it look good if it were enlarged to fit on a billboard?
  1. Is Not Predictable

If you want your logo to be “unique” in every design aspect, it has to look different than every other logo already out there. Yes, it needs to be in accordance with your brand’s niche, but at the same time, it should be one of its kind.
  1. Keeps up With Design Trends

Did you familiarize yourself with 101 logo designing techniques? Does your logo fulfill basic design principles and basics? Is your logo going to set its own trend, or will it grow outdated after a short while?
  1. Is Timeless

Having to design a logo - even if it is not costing you anything - is hectic work. So make sure to design a logo that will not need to be redesigned after some time. It should withstand changes that might occur in the business world, or elsewhere.
  1. Differentiates You From Your Competitors

should be unique - how to design logo

Design by: Russ N

This is where your logo brings all its constituent elements together to make itself stand out from your competitions. When your audience sees your brand’s logo, they will instantly ascribe certain words to your brand, words different than those used for your competitors.

Tips for Designing A Logo for Free

Since you are designing a logo for free, it’s highly unlikely to get a professional graphic designer involved for either the designing part or the feedback part. Once you have designed your logo for free:
  • Get your friends, family and even strangers involved, if you can, to get a second opinion. They act, after all, as customers, too. It is a fast and effective way to empathize with your audience, to get into their mindsets and identify their needs.
  • Brainstorm your ideas for logo vectors because designing a logo for free using vectors on offline software is the fastest way to go about it. And to top it off, vectors are just like thoughts. You can lead them wherever you want, and vice versa.
  • Include enough white space in your logo’s design, for the visuals in your design, need that white space to breathe.
  • Practice enough times before creating the final design.
  • Match it up against a mood board. Mood board contains every kind of visual such as images and even other logos etc which you feel give off the same vibe your brand does. If your logo gives off that same vibe, it’s good to go.
  • Compare it with other logos representing brands in the same niche as yours. Whatever area of your logo even remotely resembles another logo’s, crop it and redesign that area in a different way until you reach the most unique design of all.
Designing a logo for free can be as time-consuming and dull as you want…or the entire opposite. It all boils down to the choices you make, how well you learn from your pitfalls and how visually artsy you choose to be.
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