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How to Create and Edit Video Logo - All You Need to Know

Did you know that according to research, 72% of businesses say video content has dramatically increased their conversion rates? Video is one of the most important means of attracting new buyers, and therefore not having video content on your site can be a huge mistake. You won't be able to explain to your customers the features and benefits of your business. The best way to fix this is to create a video logo.

What is a Video Logo, and Why Do You Need One?

A video logo is a short video of your logo. With animated transitions and breathtaking visuals, stunningly accustomed, your logo comes to life! A video logo is a surefire way to differentiate your brand from the competition and draw attention to your product. There are a variety of free programs such as Clipchamp, Animoto or Videosoftdev, where you can create a video logo without spending a fortune and having advanced video editing skills.

Creating a video like this may seem pretty easy at first glance, but it's much more complicated. It takes a lot of effort to create a great logo that will be remembered. This process includes market research, understanding your customer, and detailed logo design. Designers usually create dozens of iterations of a single logo to bring it to perfection.

If you are thinking about designing your video logo but do not know where to start, our article will come in handy for you. We've covered a few steps to help you create a great video logo that will appeal not only to you but also to your customers.

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Guide to Creating a Video Logo

Start with History

The main task of any company is to make a profit and earn money, but you should not put this meaning in your logo. No one denies the fact that you have to sell both yourself and your product well. But marketers tend to think that shoppers are more attracted to stories than facts about your product. This means that some kind of a story will have to be embedded in the logo.

Before you start thinking about your video logo design, you need to ask yourself - what is the history of your company? You have to go beyond what your company does. The best option would be to answer the question of why you are doing this. Precisely "why" is the basis of your story, and therefore it is the answer to this question that you must embody in your logo with the help of color, shape, and size. When we look at the Coca-Cola logo, we do not see a bottle of brown liquid; we pay attention to a polar bear and huge letters.

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Come Up with Words to Describe Your Brand

Once you've come up with a story for your brand, you need to move on to creating your logo. First, you have to come up with a word; it would be better to describe your company. Try to find a few words that describe not only what you do but also why you do it. We talked about this in the previous paragraph. Each of these words can complement your puzzle and help you build a coherent picture that accurately describes your brand concept.

Many websites can help you with this. With their help, by writing in a word, you can get many synonyms. You will be surprised by how informative they can be. You can also go further and find a few more matches in one of the synonyms. This can help you find more words that best describe your brand.

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Sketch the Ideas That Come to Mind

After answering the “why” question and having come up with a few words to describe your brand, sit down and jot down a few ideas. You should write down every thought that comes to your mind when you think about keywords. You shouldn't be discouraged if your first ideas fail. Keep refining your sketches, and you can create a great product. We advise you to focus on the form or name of your brand or one or the other. There are a few details worth paying attention to:

  • The shape of your logo should be very simple. You do not need to use various popular images and shapes because, this way, your video logo will NOT be unique. The more creative you are at this stage, the better your final logo will be.
  • Be very careful with your color choices. You should include multiple colors in your logo. Pay attention to logo design trends and what colors are commonly used in the market. As a rule, you cannot use more than three colors.

Test Your Best Sketches

After you have created at least a dozen sketches, select three of them that you think are the best or most striking to you. You should send these sketches to your friends, colleagues, relatives, or other people who would better fit your prospect's description. This will allow you to get the most objective assessment and an outside perspective on your sketches. It will also show you how customers will perceive your brand.

You should be prepared for negative reviews. Remember that this kind of criticism can help improve your video logo and choose the final concept for development.

Finalize the Selected Sketch

You are almost halfway through the journey to create a great logo. After choosing a single sketch that you think is the best, you need to finalize it, as well as perfect the story that started it all.

To finalize everything thoroughly, look again at the words that describe your brand, then at the sketch and ask yourself - what words does this sketch not cover yet? Use these words to design your video logo further. It's also worth taking a look at the sketches you rejected and using their best qualities to refine your main layout.

Where is the best place to post my video?

Design a Prototype for Your Logo

The theoretical part has already been completed. Now it's time to move on to technical issues and translate your drawing on a piece of paper into a digital model. To translate this into reality, you do not need to pay huge amounts of money to designers. There are many free programs and platforms available today to edit your logo. One of the most famous video editing software is Movavi. It has all the features and tools you need to create a great video logo. When creating, you need to make sure that all text and shapes are positioned perfectly and the logo itself is correctly aligned.

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Choose Versatile Colors

When creating your logo, you can combine its color scheme with the background of the platform on which you create it. But you have to remember that your video logo will be on different backgrounds, and therefore you need to choose versatile colors.

The experts at Magisto, a video edit software, recommend that you’d better make sure that your logo has color options for both dark and light backgrounds. If you have provided this option, then you only have to change the color of your font. You can create several variations of the same logo, only with different colors, to be ready to order different promotional products on which your logo will be displayed.

Going back to the Coca-Cola example, you can see that the logo is displayed on the different colored bottles on which it is located. This means that the company was able to create a versatile logo that suits different colors.

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Choose a Font

Now you need to connect the text to your logo image. You have to think about what type of font your company name will be written in. It may sound strange, but the font used for the name can say a lot about your company. There are many types of different fonts. You can choose from both modern and classic ones.

It is not necessary to use fonts that belong to the list of the standard composition of every word processor. Examples of standard fonts are Times New Roman, Lucida Handwriting, Comic Sans, and others. Fonts like these will help your logo but only make it less unique.

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In the end, I would like to say that creating a video logo will help you increase your reach several times, as well as attract thousands of new customers. It should be added that creating a logo is a rather complicated and lengthy process, so you shouldn't rush to create it. It's better to spend a little more time getting your video logo to perfection than putting out a bad product. It can also save you a lot of time and effort because then you don't have to redo the video logo again.

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