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How much does it cost to have a brochure designed?

It’s a tricky question that still doesn’t have a defined answer. The client who places the order for a brochure design sometimes is unaware of what he really wants. Let me put it this way; he doesn’t know what a brochure actually is. Is it a magazine, catalog, manual, an illustrated book − what? Creative designers know exactly what a brochure is and what it stands for. But clients – they’re not professionals; they mischaracterize brochures on a regular basis. And this creates a myriad of problems for both the designer and the client. That’s why before enquiring the cost of a brochure, you should ask yourself  “Do I really want a brochure or something entirely else.” And you should make this crystal clear to the designer before proceeding. Now, brochures come in all shapes, formats, and sizes. And their prices vary from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds. I’ve outlined some important factors that dictate the prices of brochures. Put your reading glasses on. You’ll find this information highly important. RELATED: What is Brochure Design?

Types of Brochures

Some brochures are simply used to arouse the interest of the reader. They’re not stuffed with an excess of information. Only a powerful tagline and highly-visual aesthetics adorn them to make them catchy and jump-off-the page. The sole aim of such brochures is to titillate the reader, tempt him to get in touch with the company to get more information. For minimalistic designs such as these, a simple printed sheet or a bi-fold more than does the job. Such designs are not likely to empty your wallet; they’re pretty affordable. Corporate brochures, with bundles of pages, on the other hand, are a whole different story. Remember, the more the design work a brochure requires, the higher will be its price. It’s that simple at the end of the day. RELATED: How to Design a Brochure?

Choice of Designing Service

Next up, is the choice of designing service. You can get a brochure made from a diverse list of services.

Free Brochure Templates

Free brochure templates on websites like Canva are easily customizable. All you have to do is download them and insert text and Voila! You have a brochure. However, keep this in mind that these templates are mostly simple designs – bifold or trifold at most. Also, these templates run the massive risk of being copied. Of course, if you can use these templates, anyone can. I mean, do you really want a design that has been used a gazillion times like a wrinkled old plastic bag? Your company needs to stand out against the competition and banality certainly isn’t going to help your cause. Trust me; I would strongly advise you against it.

Cheap Design Companies

The Internet is littered with cheap brochure design websites. Websites like Design Crowd can make a trifold brochure for you for a paltry sum of 150$. This is a fish market number. So if you have a really tight budget, this could be a good option. However, I wouldn’t recommend you to place your chips on a cheap designer. There’s a huge possibility that the quality of his work might be borderline at best; it’s really a hit and miss situation with inexperienced designers.

Experienced and Professional Brochure Designers' Cost

Okay, now this is the top of the hill. Here, the quality rarely ever takes the backseat. But these professional don’t just work at nominal rates; they quote prices that make your bank balances quiver. But then, again, if you want results, a cheap design company can’t guarantee you that. A professional is an ideal candidate to represent your business in the form of a compelling brochure. Not only does he have years of experience working with design software, but he also knows the ins-and-outs of the corporate world; he’s probably already worked with major corporations and gained invaluable experience along the way. A professional considers every aspect, from design specifications to ensure your company has a unique selling point and a place of its own in the marketplace. Cheap design companies will just design ― nothing else. Also, one added advantage of working with professionals is that they always keep you in the loop. After undertaking the project, they will show you 3 or 4 designs, in accordance with the objectives of your company, and let you make your pick. Several revisions will follow until the final design is an infallible money-making machine. Some notable professional design companies are Print Peppermint, Design Hill, 99 designs and Borchureguru. From a professional designer, you can expect the following brochure design prices. They’re a bit on the high-side but totally worth it.
  • Single sided flyer (A4): in the ballpark of $200
  • Bi-fold (A4): roundabout $500
  • Tri-fold (A4): approximately$600
  • Presentation folder with inside pockets (A4): expect $400
  • Double-sided A4 insert approx.: $300

The Verdict

I know, sometimes splurging this much money on a single brochure is just not an option. That’s why I’ve laid down every option for you. However, I would like to repeat myself; free templates and cheap designers are never going to provide you the standard of work that raises your company among the common herd; all they can promise you is a poor imitation of some other corporate bigwig ― that’s the extent of their abilities. In the end, if you have the money, don’t be stingy. Hand the reigns of your company to a professional designing company and let them steer you to the land of soaring sales.
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