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hot shot legal lawyers Business Card Design Example

 The Black Plate

Hotshot Legal is a digital learning aid for lawyers, an educational platform that simplifies complex legal concepts through short educational videos. It is an online law school of sorts.
Some of my friends who are lawyers tend to the Hotshot Legal app on their phones every day, almost religiously. They trust the legal counsel provided by the presenters in the videos.
One thing I admire about Hotshot legal is that it’s always trying to keep things interesting. Aside from short videos, you can hone your knowledge by taking interactive quizzes, exercises and outlines.
For a business whose intent is to disseminate legal knowledge and broaden its reach, this business card design is perfect.
Notice how the entire card is draped in a jet-black color. It’s because this color is almost always associated with lawyers and their black advocate gowns, making its selection a no-brainer.
Keeping the color of the logo and the backdrop same isn’t always a good idea. It makes the company name or logo seem rather inconspicuous, almost invisible at times.
However, in this design, the Spot UV finish has given the name of the company “HotSpot” a raised texture, which has increased its visibility.
The white lettering for the rest of the information, the website address etc., is also an obvious choice. No color complements black like white. They’re almost like soul-makes, a perfect fit.
The designer hasn’t taken a lot of risks with this business card design by overcomplicating it with an excess of aesthetic detail. I believe that’s a wise choice.
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