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hey beautiful jerk designer Business Card Design Example

A Three-Dimensional and Hypnotic Design

Personal preference of the owner of Hey Beautiful Jerk reigns supreme in this business card design. There’s a reason why the color of this card is predominantly black.
Mark Szumski, the creative director of Hey Beautiful Jerk ― a creative design company based in New York, as the name suggests – has a morbid fascination with all-things-black.
He moves to the rocking tunes of Black Sabbath, his favorite beverage is black coffee, favorite jeans: a Black Levis, favorite show: the disturbingly prophetic Black mirror and ― this shouldn’t come as a surprise ― favorite color: black.
That being said, the black color hasn’t just been used without deliberation. Everything about this card is well-thought and planned. Let me tell you how.
The lettering assumes a 3-D appearance; its arrangement is hypnotizing and surreal at the same time, nothing like you’ll see in traditional business cards with one-dimensional texts. Not only is this 3-D lettering rare and unique, but it also puts-forth a stand-out image of the company – as if in a sea of unimaginative businesses this business dares to think outside the box and creates rare masterpieces.
So, if you’re a business who wants people to speak about you in the same terms, I’d suggest you go with this 3-D font. I love when card makers come up with these innovative designs; they are a refreshing change, a breath of fresh air. The rest of the details in the design are self-explanatory. The white font with the black backdrop is a given.
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