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Headshots on Business cards- A Comprehensive Guide

Business cards are an important part of modern-day business. Its advantages are numerous. For example, it tells about your business in your absence, it makes it easier for customers and intending customers to contact you when they need your services.

It tells where the business is located. Furthermore, it even tells social media your social media handle to all who need it. It speaks volumes without words.

These are just a few of the numerous advantages that are associated with a business card. As a result of the numerous advantages of a business card, many persons have concluded that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Regardless of these advantages, something has caused a dilemma for many who intend to make a business card. You might be wondering what it is.

The question of how our business card should look and the possibility of carrying a headshot would always come in mind.

This article focuses on the second question because the first is quite subjective. This article first explains what a business card with a headshot looks like. Afterward, it discusses the advantages and disadvantages of having a headshot on your business card. So, let us first describe what a headshot on a business card looks like.

What does a headshot on a business card look like?

A headshot business card is simply described as those business cards that carry the face or picture of the owner or owners of the business or any other face in which the owner decides to have on his or her business card. You probably must have come across a few of them. some of these cards look beautiful while others do not.

These kinds of business cards are mostly used by real estate agents. You probably must have noticed that their cards have a picture of their faces on it just next to their contact information.

If you have come across any business card that falls within the above description, then you have come across a business card with a headshot.

Some persons prefer a headshot on their business cards, some do not, and others are indifferent. Regardless of what your choice might be, let us consider the advantages and disadvantages of having a headshot on your business card.

We will first look at the advantages after which we will look at the disadvantages.

Advantage of a headshot on business cards

1. It aids quicker popularity

Having your face in your business card speeds up your popularity.

This is because, when persons who must have seen your card in one place or the other meet you in person, though strangers, they would quickly identify you. And in most cases, they tend to tell their next neighbor or anyone besides them who you are, where they must have seen your picture and what you do.

The more this happens, you become more popular. With your headshot on your business card, you can be certain that as viral as your business card become, your popularity has also become.

Persons, in general, tend to retain and quickly recall pictures of individuals that they have set their eyes on prior when they see those persons again. So, there is a high tendency that 90% of everyone who has set their eyes on the business cards would be able to remember you when they meet you in person as long as your headshot is on your business card.

2. It builds familiarity

Having a headshot on a Business card tends to build familiarity even before personal contact. And when those in possession of your business cards finally gets to meet with you, the conversation would be on a lighter mode and not as total strangers. This is because seeing your headshot on your business card has already built a subconscious familiarity.

3. it adds style to your business card.

Headshot adds style to your business cards. This depends on how well done it is. When your headshot on your business card is properly done, it would look very beautiful and classy. When properly done, headshot adds a lot of style to your business card. It makes it eye-catching to onlookers and this can good for your business.

4. It adds color

Well, combined colors can be very advantageous. When the headshot on your business card blends perfectly with the card, your card becomes beautiful.

5) it occupies space.

For those who do not like the big blank space on business cards without a headshot, having a headshot on their business card can be a plus to you. This is because the headshot would occupy part of the blank space hence making the remaining space very little.

6. It builds some level of trust

Many persons decide whether a person is to be trusted by looking at his or her appearance. They claim that from looking at a person’s facial expression, smile, and dressing, they can tell if a person is trustworthy. So, to win persons in this category, all you have to do is look good and wear a beautiful smile.

If you do this and appear to be “trustworthy” to these persons, you can be assured that you have earned some business partners and patronizers. However, before you decide to have your headshot on your business card or any of your brand, be certain that you look trustworthy.

You can even inquire from a couple of honest persons around you. Get their opinions. And from the result you have gotten, draw a benefiting conclusion.

Again having a Headshot on your business cards can build trust in your business.

This is because a headshot gives a face to your business. business cards with a headshot eliminate the dilemma of who owns the business and who should be held accountable where there is a negative occurrence.

It gives the general public someone to hold responsible in case of any eventuality. And all this builds trust faster and easier than a business card without a headshot.

After considering these advantages, it is time to look at the disadvantages of a headshot on a business card. But before doing so, it is important to keep in mind that while your headshot can be a good idea, it might not be the best idea. geembi.com

So do not hesitate to consider the use of other imageries on your business cards where they would yield a more positive result.

Disadvantages of a headshot on a business card.

1. The headshot gets old.

Unlike a plain business card that never really grows old unless it is not handled properly, a business card with a headshot might grow old. As time progresses, the headshot might not look as good as it used to years ago when you first started. So you might need to renew your headshot from time to time.

2. Very little or no Uniqueness

Many business personnel attaches their headshots on their business cards. This makes it very difficultly to stand out from the crowd because everyone is doing it.

3. Similar content:

Persons in the same line of business tend to have very similar Headshot and content on their business cards. This similarity involves their posture, dress code, and even their smile on the cards. This similarity creates a dilemma for potential clients and increases the level of competition for the business owners.

4. It gets difficult at some point

At the early stage of a business, headshot might seem very productive. This is because, at that stage, it is easy to have a personal or one-on-one relationship and conversation with your customers. But as time progresses, and the number of customers increases, it becomes difficult to work with everyone on a personal level.

5. It gives the impression that the business is a sole proprietorship business.

A headshot on your business card most times gives the impression that the business is a one-man business. So persons who intend to have dealings with you might just assume that the business is single-handedly run by you. And this impression becomes a bit difficult to change when the business decides to expand.

6. It sometimes boosts your reputation rather than your brand.

With your headshot on your business cards, customers might get carried away with your picture rather than what is produced or the brand which the card intends to promote. And card production aims to aid brand awareness and personal reputation.

After considering the advantages and the disadvantages of a headshot on a business card, it is left for you to decide whether or not you want your headshot on your business card or not.

Where your answer is in the negative, and you do not want a plain business card, you could consider the use of other imagery.

A good suggestion is a picture of the brand in which you produce or sell. This is best because your primary goal is to create brand awareness and make lots of sales and not personal awareness.

But if you do not want to have any form of imagery on your card, there is no harm in leaving your business card blank.

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