Habitribe Invests $50 Million in Real Estate Business Card! Business Card Design Example - Print Peppermint

Habitribe Invests $50 Million in Real Estate Business Card! Business Card Design Example

A Striking manifestation of Respectability and Professionalism

Ok, not really! But that got your attention didn't it? Habitribe is quite simply the home of smart money. The mission of Habitribe is simple: to safely steer its clients towards smart choices in the real estate market. Whether it's scouring the growing market for the acquisition of single family homes or their refurbishment, this pioneer residential redevelopment firm will ensure that you get your money’s worth. The driving force behind the robust engine of Habitribe is one of the most recognizable personalities in the real estate domain, Mr. Jose Hidalgo. With experience spanning over several decades in real estate and mortgage banking, and a profound understanding of the factors that shape the real estate market, Mr. Hidalgo has been helping his clients make profitable investments for years. A business card representing a real estate business should never be riddled with highly-visual art or other flashy details. Real estate is a risky business, with little margin for error. Aesthetically-rich cards, although great for creative design companies, give off a feeling of precariousness, instability and chancy decision making. This is exactly why this card has been kept extremely simple and straightforward. Notice how smooth the purple backdrop is as if someone has ironed it out to remove its wrinkles. Smooth backgrounds symbolize professionalism, methodic thinking, and a “no messing about” attitude. The shape of the card has been kept rectangular for similar reasons. Round and square edges are modern-day introductions in business card designs. The use of rectangular edges can be dated back to the 17th century. Therefore, they are almost always used to represent businesses that have lived on for centuries like real estate and law. Also, the font stands erect; it’s not an italicized or a calligraphic variation, which, once again, portrays an image of respectability and professionalism.
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