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Going Big With Banners: The Top Benefits of Custom Banners

The Top Benefits of Custom Banners

Custom banners are excellent for advertising. Read on to learn all about the top benefits of custom banners.

Do you want to advertise a sale outside of your business or make your business' presence felt inside at a conference or trade show? One of the most effective ways to do both of these things is by investing in custom banners.

Regardless of what kind of business you own, you can get a lot of mileage out of vinyl banners, fabric banners, and other types of custom banner creations. You can promote your company like never before by making it impossible for people to miss your signage.

There are so many great benefits that you'll get to enjoy when you start using customized banners regularly. From the price of the banners to their durability, you won't be disappointed when you use them for marketing purposes.

Let's take a look at some of the top benefits of using custom banners.

Cost Next to Nothing

If you own or operate a very large business, you might not have to worry too much about blowing through your marketing budget. You likely have plenty of money set aside to market your business to the masses.

But if you're the owner of a small business, it's often a much different story. You do not have a ton of money to devote towards your marketing budget, and as a result, you have to be smart and strategic when picking out the marketing tools you're going to use.

Custom banners are some of the most cost-effective marketing tools on the market today. You won't have to spend too much time crunching the numbers to see if they'll fit into your budget.

Take these custom outdoor vinyl banners, for example. You can get your hands on a gigantic 6' x 10' banner in a matter of just a few days (more on that later!) for a little more than $125. That's a steal when you compare it to some of the other marketing tools that are out there.

Custom vinyl and fabric banners are so affordable that you can even buy a few of them at a time and still spend less than what you would pay for other marketing tools. It's why it makes all the sense in the world to snatch at least one or two of them up now.

Durable Enough to Reuse

Thanks to their low cost, you could get away with using a custom banner once and then throwing it away. You can purchase something like this X Stand Outdoor Banner for $79 and use it for one specific event before getting rid of it.

But just because they're affordable doesn't mean that custom banners aren't built to last! One of the things that you'll find when you start using them regularly is that they're durable enough to reuse over and over again.

With that in mind, you might want to buy signs that you plan to use again. For instance, you can create signs for annual sales or signs that you put up at trade shows all across the country and not have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

When you think about it like that, you'll more than get your money's worth with customized banners. They'll pretty much pay for themselves if you're able to use them a few times, if not way more.

Available in a Wide Range of Sizes

Custom banners can be designed to be almost any size and shape that you want them to be. Whether you're looking for something small to hang up on a booth or something large to fill up an entire wall, you can create a custom banner that will serve any purpose.

If you want to order one of these custom indoor vinyl banners, you can find them in the following sizes:

  • 2' by 2'
  • 2' by 4'
  • 3' by 6'
  • 4' by 8'
  • 6' by 10'

You can also find other types of vinyl and fabric banners in similar sizes. You're free to order a small banner, a large banner, or something in between. It's all about selecting the right banner for the job that you need it to do.

Designed to Your Exact Specifications

When you make the decision to buy custom banners for your business, you'll be able to design them and put whatever you want on them. This will give you an opportunity to make your customized banners stand out in the crowd from the moment you hang them up.

You can put almost anything you want on your banner. Some companies choose to keep their banners pretty straightforward and include little more than just their business name, business logo, and contact information. Others include a word like "WOW!" to draw people in and make them come check out their booth or their business.

No matter what you decide to place on your banner, you can make it count. You can also pick out bright colors to use so that people won't be able to miss it when they're walking by your store or checking out different booths at a trade show.

Simple to Hang and Take Down

There are some businesses that will hang customized banners up for days, weeks, and even months at a time. There are even some that choose to use them as their main signs outside of their stores.

You can take this approach if you want to. But you can also hang up your banner and then take it down each and every day if you want. It's so easy to do and will only take a few minutes of your time, if that, when you do it.

Whether you're hanging a custom banner up inside or outside, you can hang it with little more than a few pieces of string. As long as the string is secured to a pole, a tree, or something else that's sturdy, it'll keep your banner in place and prevent it from blowing away.

And when you're done using your banner? Untie the string you used to hang it, roll the banner up, and be on your way. You'll be impressed with how simple it is to take down.

Impervious to Rain

You should obviously not hang fabric banners up outside if it's going to rain. A fabric banner will survive the rain, but it'll be soaking wet and won't look the same after getting wet just a few times.

But you're more than welcome to hang custom vinyl banners up outside as you please. Even if they get caught in a monsoon, they'll stand strong and won't show any obvious signs of wear and tear due to the rain.

You can also clean vinyl banners off if they get any dirt, dust, or other debris on them. Since they're so durable, you can wipe them down and make them look like new again.

Easy to Make

All the benefits of custom banners that are listed here should make you excited about ordering one (or more!). But this benefit might be the most important one of all.

When you order some other signs or similar marketing tools, it can take weeks for them to be created. But you won't have to wait anywhere near that long for custom vinyl and fabric banners since they're super easy to make.

Let's say that you want to order this X Stand Indoor Banner for a trade show that's set to take place next week. You might think that it's too late in the game to order it and have it arrive on time.

But this couldn't be any further from the truth! Even though it's a large 24" x 60" banner, it can be created in just one business day if you need it in a hurry. You can buy it, upload files to design it in a few minutes, and be on your way to having a custom banner delivered in no time.

Highly Effective

At the end of the day, you want all the marketing tools that you buy on behalf of your business to be effective. If they don't grab people's attention and draw them in, they're not going to do you any good.

You won't find many marketing tools that will prove to be as effective as custom banners. They're colorful, bold, and guaranteed to grab people's attention and never let go.

You won't have any issues marketing your business when you turn to these banners. They'll build up your brand recognition and give everyone something to get excited about when they see them.

Purchase Custom Banners for Your Business Today

By now, you should see how beneficial custom banners can be for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Start putting one together today so that you can have it hanging up and promoting your business by the end of the week.

Whether you opt for a small indoor banner or a huge outdoor banner, you'll get a high-quality banner that will advertise your business and stand the test of time. It won't be long before you're ordering more banners for future events.

Contact us today to order customized banners that symbolize what your brand is all about. Let us know if you have any questions about how our banner customization process works.

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