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Glossy vs Matte Business Cards: Which is Right for You?

Networking is hard. Remembering everyone you meet at a networking event is even harder. Solution? Business cards. But, with so many cards floating around the room, how will anyone remember your business?

The details matter to set your business card apart from the pack. The first decision you'll make when getting a business card made is whether to go glossy or matte.

Here we give you the breakdown of glossy vs matte business cards. We weigh the pros and cons so you can decide which is right for your first impression.

The Showdown: Glossy vs Matte Business Cards

The difference between glossy or matte business cards seems insignificant. But, it can make a big difference. There are pros and cons to each. As you read the following keep your business in mind. What are you putting on this card? Imagine your final design.

Having a good idea of what the final product looks like in your head gives you a head start in the process.

Keep this vision at the top of mind while reading through this article. This will make it easy to skim the pros and cons and make the best decision for your design.

Remember, your business card is the first impression your business makes. What does this card say about the company? What does it say about you? You only have one chance to make a first impression. It's hard to overcome a bad one.

Details matter in this market. So, let's get you on the road to business card glory. The decision between matte or glossy business cards starts by weighing the pros and cons.

Matte Business Cards: The Pros

Matte business cards offer a more stylish and modern look. They are great to use if you plan on a monochromatic design. Matte is ideal for cards that are text-based rather than image-focused.

Hands down, matte will give your cards a more professional and clean look. They also feel better in the hand. There is a potential for texture in a matte card that glossy cannot achieve.

You can read a matte card from anywhere because there is no glare.

Matte also has the advantage of being easy to write on with any type of pen. You can jot some notes on it before handing it out. They also won't pick up any fingerprints along the way.

The Cons of Matte

Matte cards do not have the same durability as glossy. This means that they are prone to fading and peeling apart. They are susceptible to any sort of water damage.

They can seem dull in a sea of cards. This can work to your advantage in some cases but, it can also make your card have a hard time standing out. There's a trade-off with the modern clean look. You trade off the vibrancy and eye-catching appeal that glossy cards have.

Another consideration is cost. Matte cards will cost more and last less time than their glossy counterparts. They need a different type of card stock and changes to the machine. More steps and different products from a standard run will always cost a bit more. If you also want special shapes and sizes the cost can add up.

Glossy Business Cards: The Pros

Remember to keep your design in mind when choosing gloss or matte business cards. Your design will look different depending on the finish.

One of the pros of glossy business cards is the clarity and pop they give images. If you are using lots of colors and pictures in your design glossy is the way to go. The shiny finish makes colors more vibrant and does a great job of highlighting contrast.

Another advantage is how tough it is to bend or fold a glossy card. It will hold up even to pocket and luggage abuse.

The biggest advantage is they are more affordable than matte. You'll get far more bang for your buck since glossy cards last longer too. They are less prone to peeling and will stay vibrant for ages.

They can also withstand minor water damage. Who doesn't have a drink at a networking event? Your card remains protected.

How Much Is Too Much Gloss? The Cons

The biggest con to a glossy card is they can be hard to read. A lot of text on a glossy card is not your best choice. You'll want to stick with the basics.

Glossy is a classic type of business card. This means the look can skew a bit tacky and old fashioned. It's also easy to make a business card too busy and glossy finishes make it look even worse.

Glossy cards won't have the same chic "wow factor" of a modern matte card. When everyone has a business card you want to stick out in the pile. When you can't read your card in a certain light, you're missing the mark. This could cost you sales.

Not being able to write on the card has become a real issue. Everything in business is through font and type now. It's really nice to put a personal note or touch on your card so the person remembers you. It's really hard to write on glossy cards with any type of pen or marker.

You Know Your Business. Glossy vs Matte Business Cards? It's Up To You

In the battle of glossy vs matte business cards, there are pros and cons in each corner. At the end of the day, the decision will depend on your business and design aesthetic.

Think about the message you are trying to convey about your business. How will you use the cards? What type of events do you attend? Will you need to write extra information? All these are very important questions before ordering a ton of business cards.

Need help designing an amazing business card? Not sure which finish is right yet? We can help. Reach out for a custom quote today and we will produce the business card of your dreams.

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