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Give These Ultimate Google Font Combinations a Shot

The devil lies in the detail. This is definitely true when it comes to choosing fonts. No one is going to want to read through a thoughtfully worded blog if they need a magnifying glass to decipher the text in it. To get the best Google font combinations, go for fonts that blend well with your designs, brand, and project. Here are a few combinations to try out. [caption id="attachment_172764" align="alignnone" width="300"]Print Best %title% Online Source:[/caption] Montserrat and Oswald
  • If you see a generous spacing between two letters, more often than not, it is the Montserrat font
  • Oswald font has a mire narrower appearance
This adds dichotomy which creates the ideal visual appearance. Sniglet and Cabin Want to add an eccentric and quirky appearance to your text? The Sniglet/Cabin pairing is your ideal match.
  • The rounded look of every letter of the Sniglet font is fun, perfect for a fancy looking headline
  • The Cabin offers a more subtle roundness that complements the Sniglet well
Merriweather and Special Elite One of the other best Google font combinations is the Merriweather and Special Elite combo.
  • The Merriweather is a classic serif, used as the headline text
  • The Special Elite is a typewriter inspired font that serves as the best accompanying font
Homemade Apple and Raleway We may have got onto all things computer today but the charm of handwritten notes cannot go out of style.
  • Too much of handwritten font in the form of Homemade Apple can make text difficult to read.
  • Putting in Raleway which is straightforward but impactful works wonders.
Permanent Marker and Open Sans
  • There’s no better way to mark your words than by using the Permanent Marker font style for yours heading.
  • Pair this with the more subdued Open Sans font and your designs are sure to stand out even as they blend in.
Six Caps and Josefin Slab Looking for a bold yet delicate balance between slender and spacious, upper and lower case? Six Caps and Josefin Slab is the best combination in this scenario.
  • Six Caps is all about condensed, narrow lettering with a fully capitalized typeface.
  • Josefin Slab is elegant and spacious.
Abril Fatface and Lato There’s no better way to merge fonts than by mixing and matching traditional with modern.
  • The Abril Fatface is a serif inspired by titling fonts from the 19th Century.
  • Lato is a more modern sans serif.
It offers the perfect balance. Mrs. Sheppard and Montserrat
  • Montserrat is very versatile. In fact, it can stand as the focal point of any design and yet can look subtle when teamed with something more graphic.
  • Mrs. Sheppard is a calligraphy inspired script font.
This combination is ideal for editorial and creative designs, like book covers and magazines. This list of the best Google font combinations is sure to make users stop and stare for a while but not too much of course. After all, your content is what matters most. Well, hopefully at least! Use the HTML Cheat Sheet for color picker, search for special HTML characters, get examples of the most common tags and generate any tags.
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