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Get Ready for Your Closeup: The Top Portrait Photography Tips

There are nearly 50,000 photographers working in the United States. Are you looking for a way to help yourself stand out from the crowd? One way to separate yourself from your competition and appeal to a wider audience is to offer portrait photography as part of our business. Are you brand new to portrait-taking? Do you want to make sure you're providing the best portraits possible? If you want to learn more about portrait photography, keep reading. Listed below are some tips that will help you capture stunning images every time you pick up your camera.

Shoot in the RAW

If your camera has the ability to record photos as RAW files, be sure to shoot this way during your portrait session. When you have access to these files, you have more freedom to adjust the photos. It'll also be easier for you to tweak the lighting, white balance, and shadows, and you'll have many more usable photos than if you were using JPEG files.

Choose the Right Lens

The lens makes all the difference when it comes to portrait photography. The type of lens you choose will depend on the final look you're going for. For example, a 35mm lens is great for including scenery in your shots. A 50 or 85 mm lens is better for midrange shots, though. And, if you want to be up close, a 135mm prime lens will be a great option.

Consider the Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important things to take into account during any kind of shoot, including portrait shoots. If you're just getting started, try to plan your shoots during the "golden hour." If you're shooting during the middle of the day, try to put your subjects in the shade or make sure they're facing away from the sun.

Emphasize the Eyes

The eyes are often the most powerful and impressive aspect of a good portrait. Make sure you focus on them and play them up. Even when you're experimenting with things like blurred backgrounds, your subject's eyes should be as sharp and focused as possible.

Get on Their Level

Finally, be sure to get on the same level as your subject. This might mean standing on a step ladder to make yourself taller or kneeling down to make yourself shorter. If you're going to make portrait photography a part of your business, you'll need to get comfortable adjusting your positioning in order to get a great photo of your subject.

Need to Print Your Portrait Photography?

Keep these tips in mind and you'll become a master of portrait photography before you know it! Are you wondering what to do with your portraits after you've taken them? Why not print them out and display them in your studio? If you need to print portraits and want to get the highest quality images possible, we're here to help at Print Peppermint. Check out our print products today to see what we can do for you. We also offer design and marketing services if you're looking for more ways to expand your photography business.
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